6 stunning decors that are ruling the wedding industry

Farvi Motiwale Wadhwa | Aug 7th 2017

Personal events are made up of those cherished moments that leave an indelible mark on our hearts and are memorable. With a hawks eyes to detail, design and plan an event, it can be exciting and fun, wedding planning proves to be stressful and demanding if not undertaken by a team of professionals. With today’s hectic lifestyle, time constraints and nuclear families, it is important to have a team of professionals whose expertise and know how will transform the occasion into a fairy tale affair.
These experts play fairy god mother and bring joy to millions of hearts. “We strive to exceed expectations while working within a budget. An event whether big or small needs the supervision and management of trained and experienced professionals. There are many aspects to organizing an event as it needs close attention to detail, perfect coordination and contacts with service providers and cost effectiveness,” says Amit Gutgutia of Floral Hut Weddings. Selecting the décor for the functions is one of the most important aspects when it comes to planning a wedding. Read on as we share with you expert opinions on what décor to choose for your upcoming wedding.

Décor 1: Floral Décor

Some ideas or themes remain evergreen. One of them is floral prints – a trend that started a couple of years ago; but has remained a constant favorite with many. Floral décor, the glamour added to every Indian wedding in making it a Grand Gala event. “As the décor trend is changing from heavier structure to elegant floral and rustic look, we are also converting our ideas and design as per the season. Every year we try to create 4-5 new themes for the upcoming season where we serve our clients with new props and decorative as pockets of décor. Our forte of décor in the wedding industry is modern contemporary where we fill the elements with variety of flowers and selective pop – up props,” adds Amit.

Décor 2: Printed Periphery Walls

Any indoor or outdoor give space has always had its boundary set with periphery draping. But this year we have done away with fabric and introduced prints. “Either the entire length or huge sized wall panels will form the periphery to your décor. The idea behind this is to make a strong and bold visual prominent and at the same time add to the existing décor. As in the image shown, the look was entirely Indian – but yet a contemporary touch was added by placing the huge motif print as wall panels around it. It was one bold visual that spoke volumes about the décor,” explains Shaymalee Thevar, an eminent name in the Wedding Planning industry. Everything done inside this structure was balanced and done up in a subtler manner.

Décor 3: Bars that Speak

Shaymalee Thevar also comes up with this unique idea of making the bar look trendier. Bars are one of the most important design elements of any wedding. “Clients are extremely particular about the space and design of it. This year the idea is to add an extra factor to the design – through words,” she adds. Words as they say can speak volumes. “And we personalize it to the couple or the family in concern. Sometimes it is the couple logo, sometimes it could be words or sentences that has a quirky and fun memory associated to them. Bars are no longer just about the console design. It also is about what are doing with it overall as an element,” she sums up precisely.

Décor 4: The table décor

One of my personal favourite décor would be to decorate the guest tables with exquisite pin-up flower bouquets in the roses, carnations or tulips. “This adds elegance to the dinner or lunch tables at the wedding venue. We usually follow the latest trend of round tables as a part of the sitting arrangement for the guests attending the wedding. For the winter wedding, we opt for vibrant earthy tones and for the summers we choose vibrant shades of blue and pinks as part of wedding decoration,” suggests Pratish Ambekar, Managing Director - iLeaf Ritz Banquets, Thane.

Décor 5: Sheesh Mahal Décor

Trends come and go but some trends come go and come back yet again. The 1950s and 1970s hot trends are back in wedding decor collections. Mid-century mod with brass, gold and metallic finishes are in vogue, currently. Get ready to embrace some retro bling. One of them who is making a grandeur come-back is the Sheesh Mahal look. "Insipred from the very famous song 'Jab Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya' from Mughal-E-Azam, the Sheesh Mahal look is all about mirrors, mirrors and more mirrors" says Mushtaq Ali, CEO, Celebrations, a wedding management company. Speaking more about the look he says, "This exhilarating Sheesh Mahal look is all about mirror mosaic, popularly known as inlay. It dates backs to 1631 when the Sheesh Mahal constructed by Shah Jehan. It has been awe inspiring ever since it was made and it is one of the most trending decors this year. This theme presents in front of us a thousand Madhubalas dancing in chorus in the Sheesh Mahal,” wraps up Mushtaq.

Décor 6: The Great Gatsby Decor

Yet another theme which is being opted by many and is making a great come back is ‘The Great Gatsby Theme.’ “Popularly Known as The Art Décor Theme, this 1920’s theme is another favorite trend, which has always been fancied by the to be wed couple for their sangeet night,” says Mushtaq. In India it all started with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan’s birthday celebration and has not taken a back seat since then. “From the time of opulence and roaring jazz, the rich hues of gold, purple navy and jade to emanate old fashioned glamour, while bold patterns capture the ‘big personality ‘of the era,” he informs. Accent pieces of art décor are an easy way to design your environment. “Reflective materials to silk to brass to velvet will further spruce up your event and can be featured in a variety of different ways, from your curtains to the walls, to your photo corner , the main Stage and centre pieces and all other knick knacks.
For any wedding ceremony, decoration becomes the vital element. Decoration is one of the key ingredients for an occasion to embellish, to elevate the mood and make the day more memorable. Decorating the wedding venue is very important, especially in India; the weddings are incomplete without wedding decoration which requires good planning, coordination and innovative ideas.