Six Exotic Indian Places to Tie the Knot this Summer

Siddhika | 24th June 2017

Planning a wedding this summer, but worried about getting exhausted in the hot sun? Well, here are a few places in India to get hitched this season that will keep your mind cool and calm during the summer.

Leh Ladakh

If you are the adventurous type who always dreamt of getting married in a unique and daring way, well then this is the place for you. Tso Moriri is a majestic place for a perfect fairy tale wedding which is in the Changthang plateau. With the sparkling blue ice melted water, grass fields, and horses, this place is straight out of a romance novel! It is 4,500 metres above sea level and is around 250 km away from Leh. The stay arrangements for guests need to be made in the neighbouring Korzak village, as Tso Moriri is a wetland, so vehicles are not allowed beyond the village. You can happily get married here amidst the wild adventure and confluence of the Indus Zaskar River and the Purple Mountains that makes an imperial sight. It is ideal to plan for a simple and elegant wedding as it would be tedious to carry fancy decor up high to the mountains; but nothing that a good wedding planner can’t do for you. For those looking for an intimate, beautiful wedding, this setting would be breathtaking and ideal. Just imagine taking your vows amidst the splendour of the mountains, the lush green setting, the sparkling water from the melted ice, and the sheer joy of nature. It will definitely be a wedding to remember.

Havelock Island: Andaman and Nicobar

If you’re not a mountain kind of person, then consider an Island wedding! Havelock Island in Ritchie’s archipelago, with the Turquoise beaches, rusted tree trunks, mangrove creek and coral reef is a sparkling place to get married this summer. With all the flora and fauna around, the temperature is warm but the sea breeze makes it pleasant. The Barefoot at Havelock jungle resort is a great place for a wedding, and has fine cottages to offer for your guests. The island which is across the Bay of Bengal has a lot of beaches like Radhanagar , Elephant beach, Kalapthar, and also offers various adventurous elements to add to the wedding. You can get married in the glass water boat that gives you the feeling of standing on the Bay of Bengal or take your better half on a Jet Ski right after the wedding If not for the beaches there are stunning restaurants to choose from like the Coral reef restaurant, sea shell, Symphony palms beach resort to name a few. Elephant beach is a prime place, and is around 5 km from Havelock Island and can be reached privately or by the island owned government boats. An island wedding will be ideal for those couples looking to give their guests a wonderful holiday experience while also being one with nature.


When it comes to destination weddings in the summertime, Darjeeling rings a bell. An alluring place with the breathtakingly natural backdrop of the Kanchenjunga for your wedding; it will most likely give an exquisite experience for you and your family. It is not too cold like other peaks that will have you and your guests freezing. The temperature ranges between 11 and 19 degrees, and you can also witness mild showers and hails. Couples can take their first ride together after the wedding in the infamous toy train and relive your childhood dreams. The English homes that were used as a resort for relaxing by the British are now converted into Heritage Hotels; you can select one among of them to get married. Most of the hotels will give you a grandiose experience; to name a few of our favourites - The Ging Tea House in Jebong Valley, The Sinclairs, The Summit Swiss heritage hotel, the Cedar Inn and My Fair. They all have the picturesque view of the mountains and are surrounded by greenery. A mystic fog is present most of the time which adds a heavenly and magical touch to your wedding.


The state of Kerala lies in and around the Malabar Coast covered by the colour green everywhere, from grass to coconut trees. Weddings are becoming a very popular affair in Kerala. The backwaters, Boat houses and beaches are serene and divine places to get married. The drizzles and rain showers every now and then makes your mind poised and gives you all the peace and courage to get married! The grand elephants and the local chandi beats are ready to welcome you and your guests anytime. You can choose from a resort wedding, beach wedding or a boat house wedding, or you can always have all of them! An elegant beach wedding followed by a party in the boat house and a small reception in the resort- would be ideal. Kerala has many places to choose from to get married such as Kovalam, Kochi, Kumarakom, and Allepey, all of which emerge as harmonious and tranquil places for a destination wedding. The Leela Kovalam beach resort; Ramada resort near the Kochi backwater; and Zuri resort in Kumarakom with the lake view; are some places you could take your vows.


A vibrant place in the foothills of Himalayas, Rishikesh, the city of Yoga is also known for its rich and epoch traditions. The place is filled with divinity and time honoured spiritual seekers. This is yet another aesthetic and unique destination to get married this summer which a lot of people would never think of. The summers here are mild and moderate with the temperature ranging around 20 to 35 degrees on most days. The loud temple bells you hear every morning and evening will rejuvenate your soul, and the flamboyant colours of the city will give you eternal peace. A touristy place that has a wide range of grand hotels and restaurants to pick from, Rishikesh offers several options of which the Divine Resort stands out as one of the best. The resort has the stunning view of the river Ganges, providing a spectacular atmosphere to tie the knot. For those who prefer an intimate wedding with a few close loved ones, this is the right place. It fulfils the dream of getting married on a cliff and also lets you have a beautiful wedding with an ideal setting to die for.

South Goa

If you want a fun filled wedding that’s trendy and beautiful at the same time, the golden sand shore in Goa is the absolute right place. You can always start the wedding late in the afternoon, as even though the temperature is relatively warm at about 28 to 36 degrees in the summer, it is not too stiflingly hot thanks to the sea breeze which softens the climate. South Goa would be the best option compared to the North, as the south is calmer, less touristy, and gives you a lot more privacy. The Portuguese colonial architecture and the rustic old forts set the light mood and give the vintage vibes. You can choose one of the many 17th century Cathedrals to follow the traditional wedding; or Mansions like the Chandor Mansion on the bank of the River Kushavati, which would be the radiant place for a grand wedding with interiors that reflect royalty; or the beaches that are buzzing with tourists, local band music, sunset and wine. You can relax with the Goa vibes and find all the solitude you want with your family and friends during your wedding in South Goa. Of the many places out there, we recommend Varca with its palm trees, golden sands and azure water; or the Mobor where the river Sal meets the Arabian sea; and Arossim which has the archaic charm of a classic resort. All of these places would make wonderful destinations to say ‘I do.’