Island romance

Siddiqha Naseem | Jan 22nd 2017

Imagine exchanging Wedding Vows amidst the sunset, coral reefs, dancing waves and mild music, that’s probably the type of wedding everyone fantasizes. Siddiqha Naseem picks out the best beach destinations to have your laid-back romantic wedding.

Fiji islands

Fiji — set in the South Pacific — has 330 islands and 522 smaller islets. Home to the islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu; famous for their coral reefs, white sand, tropical forests and breathtaking views; Fiji hosts the most romantic beach weddings across the globe. All the 330 islands are perfect for weddings; one can blindly choose any of them. Fiji is considered to be a wedding-world for it is equipped with the perfect accommodation, locations, planners and caterers all in one place. One can choose to one’s traditional wedding or a Fijian wedding.


The Bahamas are known for their tropical charms and fascinating scenery. Weddings here are a dream come true. The island offers a variety of resorts with experienced wedding planners. One can have a stress-free holiday cum wedding whilst the planners do everything for you. To get married in Bahamas, a local marriage license is required. The Ministry of Tourism has a special unit for weddings and honeymoons who will assist you in organizing the ceremony.


A wedding in Maldives can include stunning sunsets, themed-night cocktails, delicious beach buffets and so much more. You can even have a fairytale wedding along the glittering waters with the famous starry glowworms that are found on the islands. However, weddings here not legally binding as Maldives is a Muslim country. Make sure you get a wedding license in your home country as well.


You cannot think of beautiful beaches and luxurious getaways without thinking of Mauritius, located on the South Eastern coast of Africa. With gorgeous white sand beaches, coral reefs and deep blue waters, this island is an ideal tropical paradise for a coastal wedding mixed with adventure and water sports. It is the perfect mix of a romantic and fun-filled destination beach wedding.


The state of Goa is one of the most ideal and most popular destinations for a beautiful beach wedding in India. The lovely sun kissed beaches, picturesque villages; variety of heritage villas, hotels and resorts and places of worship make it a complete wedding destination. For a fun filled laid-back wedding at prices that won't break the bank, Goa with its melting pot of Indian and Portuguese influences, is tough to beat.

Bora Bora

A wedding in Bora Bora does not only celebrate the sacred bond of marriage but is also a relaxed vacation with beautiful water bungalows located on turquoise lagoons. Apart from the wedding ceremony, the resorts here have a host of exciting water activities and water sports to look forward to. At Bora Bora you can have both traditional and Polynesian ceremonies.