Durba Ghosh | June 2 , 2016

To make sure your photographer gets the big picture and all of your priceless moments, Durba Ghosh finds out the hottest wedding photography trends of 2016 you'll definitely want to try.

A few years ago, hiring a local photographer from that digital studio round the corner was the only option as far as wedding photography was concerned. You might just have a laugh or two looking at the outdated style of photography. Well, not any more. Thanks to technology innovations and a horde of photographers jostling to differentiate their work, a number of delightful new trends have emerged in how photos are used for weddings. So much so that the recent trend of candid photography also feels like it has been overused and is a cliché now.

Drone Photography

A whole different way adding perspective and an interesting twist to wedding photography is now possible with the drones. Yes, drones are not just Amazon’s robotic delivery points, but a legitimate technology to spruce up your wedding pictures. Aerial wedding photographs are no more a rich man’s prerogative. Forget celebrity weddings, you can have aerial shots captured of the whole wedding landscape in its entirety. Using a quadcopter with a GoPro camera, photographers are now capturing some awesome footage and indulge in completely different perspectives that a regular effort in photography cannot. And it’s not just for videographers; it’s a boon for still photographers also. Mumbai-based wedding photographer Jyotirmay Dutta of Studio Zeppic, swears by the dramatic effect of drone photography. Although it requires a lot of planning regarding shots and composition, it is a very effective tool, Dutta says. For a photographer, it gives the vantage point of capturing images of things, people, and places you may not be able to get by standing in one spot, he adds.

Ever imagined yourself like Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan, in the midst of mustard fileds.

Film Photography

It’s return of the vintage. The camera film rolls, we mean. Like when nostalgia hits we crave for bygone moments, couples are now opting for pictures shot with the traditional analog cameras using those retro film rolls. So think of negative film, developing in a dark room, instead of using the chic apps in your computer for post-production. “Film renders light, color, and tones differently than digital images. Typically, they're softer, more flattering and have a more painterly, sepia-tinted feel to it, than the vivid, crisp digital photos,” Bengaluru-based photographer Ajay Menon says.

Wedding Motion Pictures

Ever imagined yourself like Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan, in the midst of mustard fields, running to each other while music flows in from heaven? Well then this trend is definitely for you. Candid pictures will no more do the trick. Couples are now opting for a feature film made on their lives, starring themselves. Gone are the days where people watch a boring 4 hours badly shot and edited wedding video with guests eating food and people posing on stage. This is a candid wedding film where the life story, or love story, of the bride and groom is captured through movie-like filming, with proper story and music score. Its an overwhelming narration of the past and the sparkling light of the delightful future of the bride and the groom all packaged in a larger than life, magnified imagery, extravaganza and hence needs the special cinema-style filming, Pranjal Kumar of Candid Shots says.

Advertising Photography

An off-shoot of cinema-style filming, advertising photography seeks to capture moments how advertisements are shot. Innovated by renowned photographer Karthik Srinivasan, this style of photography typically captures a bride wearing bangles, putting on jewellery, or the groom putting on his blazer, etc. “I do a lot of portfolio shoots also, so I have experience in shooting in-line with advertisement quality. It will look like an advertisement with jewellery and other things, but without the branding,” Srinivasan says. It involves direction of a shot with pre-decided emotions and movement.

Wedding Hashtags

If it isn’t on Instagram, it didn’t happen. Bride and grooms are creating their own hashtags and are encouraging their guests to tag their photos when they post them online. The use of wedding hashtags allows the couple and those who couldn’t attend to see all the candid moments that were taken on the special day. It’s not just pictures; couples are now also encouraging their friends and families to share stories about them, with special hashtags and Facebook page tagging.


Long gone are the days when just the wedding day festivities highlight reel. People love stories so make every photograph tell a story. Each couple has a unique story that is their own, so tell it through themed shoots like comic books, movies, or just a totally different feel like wild nature, grungy city, or elegant gardens. Show a process rather than just a single moment. Capture the wedding day preparation, the emotions of friends and family, the bride and groom’s preparation with mom and dad, the couple’s first moment together, and climax up to the big “I do.” Tell their story.

All Black & White Photos

This trend will give a whole new meaning to #TBT pics! Vintage-styled weddings have been popular for the last few years. Giving a new twist to retro or nostalgic pictures, this trend of all black & white snaps is gripping the besotted ones quickly. Couples are requesting black and white photos as part of the final output—to align with their throwback style and aesthetic. Many couples are opting for vintage finishes to their photos, as they pose against old Victorian settings, or in the clipped studio style that erstwhile India in its pre-Independence days churned out. These photos come in with a bit of a regal, old worldly charm.

Photo Booths

It could be a typical, enclosed photo booth literally, with flash bursting at regular intervals, or it could just be a cute corner with quirky props, but this instant pictures trend at weddings is gaining huge popularity. In addition to better props, photo booths are going high-tech, with touch screens and Wi-Fi, allowing guests to immediately upload photos to social media.

Selfie Shadi

New Delhi-based wedding photographer Vijay Tonk covered a whole wedding last year only through selfies, on a Nokia Microsoft Lumia 730 smartphone. Armed with 5 phones, Tonk composed the frame for the guests and they clicked the selfies. "It was easier with this phone because of the wide angle lens. Also, the post-production time is reduced drastically (almost by 20 days) if I click with a phone," he says. Being a wedding photographer, Tonk has increasingly witnessed people taking selfies at weddings. "So it was during that period when I conceived the idea of a selfie-shadi," Tonk says. The experiment was so successful that apart from gaining a lot of attention in media, Tonk was also flooded with more requests. There you go; the secret is out of the box. Now, you could choose any of these trends to make your wedding hip-and-happening, or you could plan something of your own. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Be daring with new techniques and incorporate the popular trends, capturing people’s thoughts or emotions and the whole story.