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Editor | Jan 4th 2017

If you want a true fairytale wedding with all the sparkle and enchantment you have ever dreamed of, Disneyland can make it happen for you For all those girls (and boys) who grew up reading Snow White, Cinderella, or Beauty and the Beast, and who wanted to get married to their Prince Charming at their very own fairy tale wedding, Disneyland offers them a chance to do just that.

Walt Disney World Resort is one of the world’s most coveted wedding and honeymoon destinations, with over 1,200 couples getting married on its premises every year. This year, according to wdnews.com, the resort’s official news portal, Disney’s Fairy Tale Wedding and Honeymoons, celebrates its 25th anniversary, having hosted more than 50,000 weddings at its four main venues – the Disney World Resorts in Orlando and California, Disneyland, Aulani and aboard the Disney Cruise Line. Couples around the world, from Japan to Saudi Arabia, UK, Germany and Netherlands, have flown in to get married at the coveted venue. Disneyland brides can get married at a whole range of venues around the resort – from the traditional wedding pavilion to the outdoor garden, at the gazebos or the courtyards, the theme parks, even inside the resort. They have the chance to live their favourite princess fantasies right down to being driven to the ceremony in Cinderella’s Coach or a horse-drawn carriage.

“Not only does the Disneyland Resort offer weddings, but they offer wedding ceremonies at all three hotels and both parks. All three hotels have several ballrooms, and at least two of the three hotels have gorgeous outdoor spaces. If you have the funds, you can get married in Disney’s California Adventure with World of Colour behind you and have your reception at the Animation Building. For an in-park wedding, you can even add an attraction experience for your guests,” writes Mindy, who started theFairytalelife.com, in the run up to her own wedding. Now her website features all things Disney, including and especially, Disneyland weddings.

Guests, she says, can even have a wedding in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle, if they can afford it. According to Mindy, Disneyland can make all your wedding fantasies come true – whether you want a Cinderella style gown or Mickey Mouse on every piece of wedding furniture and decor, down to the coffee cups. The only hitch is that the characters themselves are not allowed at the ceremonies. If you want, you can have a masquerade wedding or even a regular wedding with floral centrepieces in a romantic ballroom, with the only difference being that it is happening in Disneyland, in a culmination of your childhood dream.

Of course, a wedding at Disneyland is going to cost you. But the good news is it is not going to cost you as much as you thought it would, maybe not even half of it. Wdnews.com states that wedding prices begin at USD 5,000 for an Escape Wedding Collection that can host a gathering for up to 18 guests. The more luxurious weddings can cost you upwards of USD 12,000. “We took a trip to Disney for our daughter’s birthday and saw a wedding on the Magic Kingdom Lawn and I just knew I had to have my wedding at the Disneyland Resort. Our locations were The Parkview Terrace and Wisteria Room at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel at The Disneyland Resort. We only had 20 people at our wedding including us. We spent total on our wedding with our attire and our stay and travel about USD 6,000,” say Araceli and Stephen on thisfairytalelife.com. Araceli recommends that couples who want to get married at the resort research on their options, choices and preferences, before choosing a package. “You won’t get a Sleeping Beauty Castle wedding for the Escape price tag. You can make your wedding as beautiful as you want for under USD 10,000 and it does not take a lot.”

Cari and Brian, another Disney couple who got married at the Sea Breeze Point at Walt Disney World had 15 guests and three children and spent a total of USD 10,483. “I have always loved Disney and I always had Disney as an option for a wedding, but never really thought it would happen. Then when we got engaged I started to look into it and realized it wasn’t as expensive as I had thought,” writes Cari. “I would recommend listing what you want in priority order and looking for creative ways to do the items at the bottom of the list first. I really recommend not finding cheaper options for the top three items on the list; to me those are what truly describe how you want your day, so keep those special.” Disneyland is also considered among the top honeymoon destinations in America. Couples can find all the information they need on Disney’s Fairytale Weddings and Honeymoons blog DisneyWeddingsBlog.com.

What it means to have a Disneyland Wedding

(Courtesy: disneyweddings.com)

1) Dedicated Wedding Experts

The team at Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings will ensure you enjoy planning your wedding. Your dedicated Disney Wedding Planner will take care of almost everything to make your day special.

2) Spectacular Details

Disney offers one-of-a-kind wedding experiences—from getting whisked away in a horse-drawn carriage to dazzling your guests with a firework display. They offer everything from storybook romance to family-friendly services.

3) Global Destinations

Choose from a whole range of enchanting destinations from across Disney’s resorts in Florida, California, Hawaii and Disney Cruise Line’s ports of call from the Pacific to the Bahamas.

4) Delighted Guests

With amazing theme park attractions, family-friendly entertainment, comfortable amenities, attentive service and thoughtful details, your Disney's Fairy Tale Wedding ensures a great celebration for you and your family and friends.

5) Online Planning Tools

Disneyweddings.com offers ‘My Dream Space’ an interactive online wedding planning tool to help you experiment with wedding colors, flowers, dresses, hairstyles and more on My Dream Space. You can create multiple versions of your dream wedding and just let your Disney Wedding Planner help you transform your ideas into your fairy tale wedding.