Raja | 24th June 2017

As the saying goes, Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, each and every piece of jewelry we own, is very close to our heart. Each one having a fascinating story of their own. So, the jewelries that we accessorize with, are an expression of ourselves, that portrays our traits and personality.

The Boho Bride

Your gown goals? Easy. Breezy. Instagram-Worthy. We get it. You need a dress that conveys your laid-back, übercreative vibe. If you fancy yourself a free spirit, but don't want to forgo glitz and glam for your wedding day, you're in luck. With a few carefully curated details you can play the part of a natural woman and a material girl at once. The must-haves: It varies culturally, but on the whole includes, an understated but elegant engagement ring, a set of danglers that feature rough (or uncut) diamonds, a floral crown, Meenkari jewel sets and a gorgeous pair of vegan-leather sling backs or the old grandma’s pouch. The boho bride is all about not being a bridezilla and going with the flow.

This is the time to make the ultimate fashion statement which means no ordinary wedding dress will do.

The Preppy Bride

As someone who easily balances her fun and fierce sides, you gravitate toward a wedding dress that showcases your confidence—and your curves. Classic. Polished. Clean-cut. If these adjectives sound familiar there's a pretty good chance you're in the prep-squad. So, what does this mean for your wedding day? The answer is almost as simple as your personal style. Mix traditional bridal go-tos, like a traditional wedding attire, solitaire engagement ring, with fresh takes on old favorites. For instance, consider an opalescent take on the traditional maang tikka (bejeweled head gear worn in the fore head) with a simple yet, elegant statement piece. Preppy brides are all about perfection and elegance. You love wearing classic timeless pieces and family heirlooms in terms of your jewelry.

The Minimalist Bride

Under the radar—that's how you roll. However, that doesn't mean you don't love your fashion. It just has to be chic and sleek. Your accessories embraces understated elegance with a little edge. Don't get this confused with plain! As a minimalist bride, you simply understand that less is often more — a solitaire engagement ring or something with pearls (a statement of eternal elegance), a meek gown or a classic saree, a basic colour palette. Yes, it's the small, thoughtful touches that will make the most impact when it comes to making your wedding day a style success. A minimalist bride always goes with a less pompous attire but making her personality felt with her ethereal beauty.

The Romantic Bride

Some would say you have princess issues. Not true. You just firmly believe that if there's spotlight, you're the one going to steal it. You've been dreaming of this day since you were a little girl, but now that you're princess moment has finally arrived, your style has evolved. Think: less frou-frou, more modern fairytale (à la Kate Middleton). From your engagement ring, to your fresh-picked bouquet, with all the kundan jewellery in the world. You're all about timeless elegance with a touch of whimsy. With feature gowns and celebrity stylists, a romantic bride adores being celebrated with nothing less than Aishwarya Bachan in Jodhaa Akbar.princess . Pink, red and white are the most seen hues in your wedding.

The Trendsetter

You've never been one to play by the rules, so why should your wedding day be any different? This is the time to make the ultimate fashion statement — which means no ordinary wedding dress will do. Plus, you're brand of edgy elegance doesn't stop at the dress. An eye-catching statement piece like Jadau jewelry, with an assortment of gems like sapphire, ruby, emerald, etc are even more evidence of your game-changing approach to wedding style. You are never afraid to experiment with your style. Adorning a bold color palette or extreme accessories makes the trendsetter you are.

The Glamour Girl

Convention be damned! That's your motto when it comes to life, love and the pursuit of happiness. You are nothing more than a diva and never it is too bling for you. Think: silver-embroidered gown or a saree/ lehenga woven with silver and gold yarn. You accessorise with the brightest and biggest diamond pieces or Pacchchikam jewelry bringing an old charm. Your motto is: The more the pizzazz, the more the grandeur. You never back down with simple jewelry, being the bridezilla and the ultimate bling bride. You crave all the attention (sometimes, more than your groom)