Farvi Motiwale Wadhwa | Aug 20th 2017

Marriage seems to be a complicated yet such a loving affair. Marriage is a fantasy and a fantastic journey where two people meet and spend their lives with their commons and differences. Let's see what does Tarot say about people who are tying knots on the month is September! It's going to be a long lasting relationship with long term goals. It won't be easy though but patience is the virtue. A lot of travelling is likely to happen with lots of new opportunities opening up for the next six months. Be prepared to work hard over your relationship it will take a lot of time to make it the best one. Keep working and investing in each other in terms of time, money and efforts. Don't let ego ruin the bond!

Pro tip for the month

Ignore what is not important to argue. Petty issues may turn into unforgivable mountains. Avoid making the mistake of taking each other for granted. So let's take a look which places may ignite the fire and which may just shut it down!

For Lots of love and romance explore places like


This place will offer tremendous boost to the relationship at the very beginning and when the beginning is right, everything else falls in place. If you choose colors like red and orange love would flourish! These Colors would help you grow closer and communication would be clearer.


Another beautiful place where love will bloom. Beautiful memories would be made. Choose colours like Blue and whites. The give and take would be great. In order to have a blissful relationship start these colours would help you tremendously in doing so!

Nothing is more important than togetherness, love and the affection in marriage. Enjoy every bit of the presence. Love like there's no tomorrow.


While traveling here take care of all the legalities and see if all is in place before taking off. There is a high chance of missing out on something. Love would get stronger though. To avoid any issues use colors like indigo and yellow. These colours would soothe things down and would let you enjoy your vacation in peace. Before leaving remember to check all your luggage.


Traveling here would be a little hurtful and chances of disappointments are seen. Avoid if possible. Too many expectations may lead to sadness. If at all you choose this destination carry and choose colors like whites and deep blues. Greens would add a touch of happiness. Like a ray of Hope!


This place would also seem a little less loving than to be thought. This would be more of a tensed trip. For few months this can be kept on hold. Choose this vacation post November! And even dates to travel here would help keep everything in synchronization!


A lot of arguments and disagreements seen. A curb on tongue is advised. Avoid a clear and blunt conversation and concentrate on the honeymoon, if you are in Turkey. Leave your issues and pin points away and focus on love as it's the Love that matters and not temporary tiffs. To enjoy this really use a mix of white and shades of green and orange. The mentioned colours can be in form of clothes, accessories or bags.

North India

Places like Manali, Kashmir and Nanital are extremely good to visit. Love will grow and will get stronger by the day. Don't forget carry a bunch of white and red flowers. This will add that extra touch of love. These colors will add life to the moment. Do Try it!

South India

Avoid South India for this month. But you can postpone it to November for a better connection. There are chances of tiffs and arguments which can be totally avoided. No doubt places like Coorg, Ooty, Conoor , Kerala, Kodaikanal are really tempting but delay to enjoy them lovingly.

East India

This side also needs a delay of plan. Avoid honeymooning this side for next two months.

West India

Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa can wait for you to see them! December would be a good time!

North East India

Sikkim, Darjeeling seems extremely good to visit and will help understand each other better. Communication would be clear and approachable to each other. Openness and spiritual growth in both are seen. Growing is an important part but together is great!