Go out of the ordinary!

Siddiqha Naseem | Jan 20th 2017

Dream weddings can’t get dreamier with these offbeat wedding destinations. Siddiqha Naseem picks out some quirky destinations in South Asia to exchange your vows.


Kerala, also known as God’s own country, is a well-known tourist spot on the world map. Getting married in this green heaven, almost eliminates the need for any wedding decor. Imagine arriving in a houseboat to your wedding destination — the ‘Venice of the East’ — surrounded by canals and waterways. You can choose to have a traditional weddings planned by local experts. You can even have royal barite complete with elephants. The procession can be led by live folk dances, musicians and drummers. Kerala has a delightful cuisine with an exemplary variety of dishes. You can also have a Western weddings, in one of the several stunning resorts, which you can occupy entirely for your wedding.

Jim Corbett National Park

Ever wondered what a wedding in a forest would be like? Corbett national park offers scenic evenings set in the lap of nature. The park has a resort, Samsara, which can hold upto host a beautiful destination wedding for upto 1500 guests. The park offers expert guidance with their wedding planning team to make your big day memorable. They offer themed weddings complete with dedicated teams for wedding decor, photography and even a photobooth. Apart from the décor, you can also work closely with the chefs in the resort to have your customized wedding meal. The resort holds enough space to accommodate all your guests. However, in case you require additional rooms, they have tie-ups with neighboring resorts.

Sula Vineyards, Nashik

Well-known as India’s number one wine producers, the Sula Vineyards are now a popular wedding destination. The vineyards have become a go-to venue for couples who dream of a fairytale wedding. While their Greek style amphitheatre and dome make for the perfect backdrop for weddings, a tour of the winery with exciting wine tasting sessions keep the guests entertained. The boutique resort at Sula — Beyond — is India’s first vineyard resort and makes for an amazing wedding spot. With a beautiful lake view and vineyards, the resort extends until a picturesque mountain range. Beyond provides spa services for the bride and her aides to pamper themselves with special signature wine therapies. One can also avail a customized wedding buffet with wide options from North Indian buffets to Italian delicacies and much more. Guests can also treat themselves with any Sula wine they please while relaxing at the winery. The Sula Vineyards can blend-in with any style of wedding — from traditional Maharashtrian weddings to a fun-filled Hawaiian-themed wedding. The decor and amenities are carefully handled by expert wedding planners. The best time for a wedding at the winery is during the winter as it accords with the grape harvest season.

Trang, Thailand

Adventure weddings can be exciting, but the most exciting among them are underwater weddings. This is for couples who wish to have a fun and thrilling wedding. Trang island is a great destination for underwater weddings. It is less expensive and has been hosting underwater weddings since the early 90’s (though underwater weddings also take place in Bora Bora, Hawaii and Mauritius). Before stepping in, it is necessary to wear oxygen masks, and scuba equipment; and to take some scuba diving lessons, if you aren’t a diver. In most cases the couple writes their vows on a dry slate and laminates it, whilst some take the vows before getting into the water. The ceremony usually involves four people: the couple, a photographer and a minister. Not all guests may be comfortable underwater. However, you can always throw a fancy reception after exchanging your vows. Every Valentine’s Day Trang hosts a huge group of underwater weddings, where hundreds of couples are wed at once Trang even holds a Guinness Record for the most number of underwater weddings held at the same time.

Nubra valley

Nubra valley, also known as the Switzerland of India, offers one of the most picturesque locations in the world for your wedding. It is located on the silk route, 140 kms away from Leh, hidden from most travellers. Nubra valley is known for its chilly mountains, streaming rivers and valleys and stark, starry nights. Who wouldn’t want to get married amidst such a heavenly location? Though couples need to take a few permits to hold a wedding, it is totally worth the effort. The period between July and September is the best to hold a wedding here.