Rajashri Ramesh | Feb 12th 2016

What’s more difficult than getting a first date with the woman of your dreams? The second date. But not if you remember the etiquettes of dating on your first one. Here are some simple tips for you to ace the dating skill and sweep your sweetheart off her feet.

Show up early

There is no excuse for you to show late on your date. A simple rule to abide by is to show at least five minutes early or even before that. Don’t make her sit alone waiting for you. While showing up late will create a bad impression of you, arriving early will let you situate yourself to the place and also make any arrangements that you want to, a simple surprise perhaps! Showing up early will also give you the opportunity to greet your girl and ease her anxiety about the date.

Be as honest and open as possible from the very beginning of your relationship.

First impression

The first impression is the best impression that you create on your date. It isn’t just about what clothes you’re wearing or what hairstyle you chose for the day; body language is equally important. Make sure you wear comfortable yet stylish clothes that make you look attractive and appropriate (yes, your read it right. Not a suit and blazer for your beach date please!).

No gadgets please

Agreed, men are always into gadgets and cannot survive without them, but please don’t use them during your date. Try and keep your phone on silent mode or just keep them face-down to avoid any disturbances. It is time to concentrate on your conversations with her. Women feel offended when your eyes bobble back and forth between her and that blinking light in your phone. If you ever want to take a call, however important it may be, apologize before you do as a part of your dating etiquettes.

Don’t involve your ex

If boring topics like politics, religion, global news are strictly prohibited on your first date, so is the topic about your past flames. She is not here to listen to your history about the relationships you have had. Remember, she is as conscious as you are and is also looking for ways to understand and develop a relationship with you.

Be yourself

There is no point being someone else to your date, only to be later disappointed that you don’t like the new you or cannot pretend anymore. Of course, it is natural for you to get her approval and thus want to try hard to correspond to her expectations and likings. There are no role changing games in both love and dating. Be yourself and show her the real you that she can appreciate and love. If you are a cricket fan but she likes a guy who loves football, don’t even think about changing your interests. When you are true, there is no reason why someone will not like you. Be as honest and open as possible from the very beginning of your relationship. Most importantly, be ready to listen to the other person and have lots of fun. Remember love is a beautiful bond between two hearts and thus cannot be made strong in just a single meeting. It requires years of understanding, dedicated love, selfless sacrifices and constant efforts to stay together happily forever.