It’s A Couple Thing!

Editor | 15th June, 2016

Meet the couple at Into Candid Photography -- Manasvi and Ketan -- who work furiously behind the lens to create stunning wedding visuals that will remain etched in your memory forever.

What if another couple documents the holy union of you and your life partner? Only a couple can understand the intricacies and chemistry between two people about to get hitched. At a wedding, it’s the bond between the couple being celebrated and photographs are testimony to the true emotions and candid moments a couple undergoes. As a couple, photographers Manasvi and Ketan at Into Candid Photography will capture the soul of every moment as the events unwind at your wedding. Be it a sangeet, reception or the mehendi function, the duo at Into Candid photography will give you images that will last for eternity.

Manasvi and Ketan were asked to shoot at a friend’s wedding, and since then there has been no looking back. The duo has been shooting couples in India and international destinations since they begun in 2011.


At Into Candid photography, their style of photography is documentary. With great skill and precision, they will freeze every minute aspect of the wedding into frames. Every couple is unique, has their own individual characteristics and the duo ensures that their photos speak for themselves, reflects the dynamics of the wedded couple. When the duo starts their work, they are photographers who are invisible at most functions, clicking away without any intrusion or forcing the couple to make false smiles or pose for the lens. This way, the photographs are real and capture the mood as the couple is relaxed and it’s natural.

The duo believes in building a good rapport with the couple before they start off on any shoots. The right communication is the key for smooth photography sessions. They try to judge and sense their likes, dislikes, comfort level and work around on those parameters, and make every moment magical with their creative and artistic hand. Most couples are at ease when they are guided by the duo at Into Candid as they are a couple themselves, and it removes any inhibitions or uneasiness that may exist. Portraits are shot with finesse by the photographers. They meet the couple at least once after being booked, and if it’s a destination wedding, they interact over Skype or Facetime. By sharing their experiences from other weddings, they let the couple decide on how they would like to be shot. The duo at Into Candid is known for the deep bond they share with the clients and the ease of the relationship which makes clicking the photographs an easy affair. Capturing moments without being obtrusive is what makes them a favourite and popular among couples.


Manansvi and Ketan’s excellent photography requires minimal or no edits. They let the camera do all the hard work. A lot of natural light is used while working. For most weddings, when the functions are at night, they have developed a special technique. Their expertise lies in the use of off camera lights for night portraits. Using this technique, they create images for the couple at any time of the day. For couples who are worried about not having outdoor locations for their portraits, the duo use this technique to give them images wherever they thought was impossible. As every wedding has a different flavour to it, they work around instantaneously with the available elements to create vivid photographs.


Location is no restrain and the duo would love to travel to any part of the world for your wedding. The duo has done pre-wedding shoots at popular spots across the country. Whether picturesque locations or crowded locations, they cater to every kind of fancy location that the couple decides. From the lush and green Lonavala, to the pristine beaches of Goa and Dubai, the duo will follow the couple till the end of the earth for memorable photo sessions! Controlling the amount of light is vital for astounding stills. They capitalise on the lighting in different locations for the best shots of the couple. Pre-couple shoots helps in experimenting with the working style and shots that works best for the couple and the photographers. This act as ice-breaking sessions and makes it much simpler during the actual wedding.

Into Candid photography also offers wedding photography for destination weddings. They have quite a few under their belt. The duo have shot 2 weddings in Goa, 3-4 in Jaipur, around 5 in the UK and about 4 in Dubai apart from other places in India. As destination weddings give the opportunity to explore new places and the ability to adapt to the new locations, the duo has mastered the art of curating new visuals. With their goals set high, the duo at Into Candid photography take up to 30-35 weddings a year. Planning to wed this year? Make Into Candid photography a part of your wedding celebrations. Trust this couple for documenting the most important event in your life.