5 Must-Have Sarees in Your Trousseau

Editor | 20th June, 2016

the bridal trousseau is a tradition that originated in france. “the wedding armoire, also known as hope chest, used for the bride’s trousseau, would be hand carved with symbols of wealth and prosperity by the father of a future bride. it is given when she is still adolescent. as she grew up, she fills it up with her own wardrobe and items she will be taking to her new home,” explains ava laboy capo in her book ‘wedding traditions from around the world’. the tradition had its basis in the economical circumstances when incomes were low but things were expensive. people got married much younger and hence it was difficult to start a home. mothers, therefore, collected clothes, china, jewellery, bedsheets etc soon after a girl was born.
In Victorian times, the trend of “trousseau tea” began wherein friends and relatives were invited to view the bride’s collection. Considered too showy, the trend faded away soon.

While there are no formal trousseau tea parties in India, tradition of 'showing' the bridal trousseau to relatives and close family friends is still prevails in certain communities. It is this ‘show’ that often leads to packing in glitzy items that the bride may never wear! However, the traditions are constantly evolving and modern brides, who are shunning away traditional reds and maroons for the big day for pastels, have a different outlook for their trousseau as well. The DLF Emporio Treasury of Trousseau held last year showcased the changing trends. Varied sari styles, unusual colours and styles highlighted a modern-day bride’s preferences. While the trousseau consists of several items including bags, shoes, jewellery, lingerie, etc, the collection of sarees is perhaps most elegant. Traditionally, one is required to place 21 sarees though the number varies for different communities.
As a saree lover, I was very careful in selecting the pieces for my trousseau. Yet, there are regrets. It’s been over a year since I got married, and a lot of the sarees in my wedding trousseau are lying packed. There are some favourites I keep repeating but then there are some that yell ‘why-was-I-bought’. I should have instead spent on everyday sarees that seemed too casual for trousseau but are the ones I really looked for after the wedding celebration madness receded. Of course, a lot depends on individual style and requirements. However, there are a few essential sarees that every bride must have in her trousseau. Here’s a list:


Go for a Kanjeevaram saree, one of India’s most robust weaves. Or a Banarasi in one of the prettiest jewel colours. Your wedding trousseau will be incomplete without a few of traditional sarees. Invest on good silks and get some variety of this category. They will be timeless and perfect for functions you attend after your wedding.


Traditional sarees are undergoing a fashionable change. Designers are experimenting with traditional weaves to give them a modern twist for a contemporary look. “A classic Indian garment, sarees have acquired a modern twist in the today’s times. Must haves, therefore, for anyone would include contemporaries,” says Satya Paul. Pick a couple of contemporary sarees to make a statement.


Pick a saree that makes you feel classy. For instance, sarees by Banka Silk, a brand that offers exquisite varieties at affordable prices. Fabindia has a fabulous range of sarees that are simple yet elegant. Designers such as Gaurang Shah, Ritu Kumar, Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra and brands like Nalli, Kalamandir, Kalaniketan have a wide variety for this category of sarees.


Another must-have addition in your trousseau is a saree that’s trending. There’s a risk of it fading away as trends change but it’s surely worth it. Lehenga sarees and half and half sarees dominate the latest trend. These are convenient as well.

Simple and Stylish

Simple might seem boring during wedding shopping but trust me these are the ones you will want to pick more often. Look for colours, styles and designs that suit your personality and let you make a statement.

Ways to style a garment as versatile as a saree are limitless. You can experiment with various looks and drape it in a variety of ways. However the most important style tip to remember when you’re donning this 6 yard drape is to put comfort first. If you’re not at ease with the idea of just tucking a saree, feel free to pin it in the right places. Nothing diminishes the style quotient of any clothing more than discomfort and frequent visits t the washroom to fix it. Ensure that your styling technique doesn’t restrict movement. Making certain that these factors are in check, you should be ready to leave the party dazzled!