Love in a frame

Ankita Asthana | 7th Jan, 2017

ankita asthana of weddingnama talks about the most memorable destination weddings she has captured
Imagine a scenario where an average day at work is all about being witness to the most special day in a couple’s life, in a magical setting. And your job is to capture moments that the couple will treasure for the rest of their lives. Yup, that’s just another day at the office for us at WeddingNama. WeddingNama started off because my husband Akash and I were passionate about photography. But as we started doing more and more work we realized our true passion is telling a story through the photographs. And weddings are always the best places for a story!

Akash is an MBA from XLRI who is a brilliant artist and the tech genius of our team. I am a postgraduate in photography from NID Ahmedabad and the storyteller of WeddingNama. Indian weddings are a kaleidoscope of colour, love, family, friends, tradition and fun.While I like to interact with the families, trying to draw out what makes the bride’s and the groom’s stories unique; my husband Akash is in the shadows capturing candid moments that surprise the client when they see our completed work. We have to be invisible when we need to be, then very visible when necessary!
Wedding planning is now coming of age in India, it is no more a life event to be struck off a list, couples are now looking for an unforgettable experience in a unique setting that they and their guests will remember forever. The emotions and the beauty of being in a wedding mandap keep us completely energized. Now with destination weddings getting very popular that beautiful mandap could be anywhere in the world!

We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have travelled to the most unique destinations with our couples. The backdrops of these unusual places have just added magic to our photographs and videos. We recently covered a wedding at Siem Reap, Cambodia and it is now one of our favourite destinations. The ancient structures added tremendous character to our photographs. The locals are most welcoming to tourists and it was a memorable stay for the entire wedding party.
Another unforgettable destination was Qasr-Al-Sarab at Abu Dhabi. Being surrounded by miles of unending sand dunes was an out-of-the-world dream like experience. The stark beauty made for some interesting pictures! We also shot a wedding at Sedona in the US this year amidst the serenity of the view of the Grand Canyon. Every view was picturesque, every place we looked, a beautiful photograph was waiting to be composed.
Locations that seem to be popular for weddings are Thailand, Muscat and Dubai! Thailand has a lot to offer -- greenery, beaches, buzzing cities, and gorgeous resorts. Muscat and Dubai are glittering cities built around deserts that are renowned for their unusual architecture. Goa’s beautiful beaches and Rajasthan’s majestic backdrops are also very much on the list for destination weddings. This wedding season, God’s Own Country, Kerala, with its lush greenery and backwaters is also very much in demand. We are now looking forward to our next shoot on the gorgeous beaches of Cancun, Mexico.
Every location comes with its own unique history, which we want to showcase as a backdrop to our wedding story. Most of the venues are so startlingly beautiful, that composing shots becomes a joy for us. However, we do take the time to look around the location and figure out the most unique backdrops. Each destination inspires us tremendously and honestly, it’s easy to be inspired in a wedding where love is all around.