Keep Lord Ganesha close to your heart this Ganesh Chathurthi with these adorable Ganesha pendants!

Divya Ramamurthy | 25th Aug 2017

Ganesh Chathurthi or Vinayaka Chathurthi as it is known down south is one of the most cherished festivals celebrated all over India. The elephant God is known as a remover of obstacles and all prayers always start with an ode to Lord Ganesha. Aside from being benevolent with his blessings, many consider Lord Ganesha to be the cutest and most adorable Lord of them all!

For many who celebrate the 10 day long festival, it can be heartbreaking to say goodbye to the elephant God on the last day when He is immersed in the ocean. But don’t fear - we’ve found a way for you to keep Lord Ganesha closer to your heart forever without having to worry. These adorable pendants from Minawala will have you celebrating Vinayaka Chathurthi long after it is over.

1. What we love most about this intricate diamond Ganesha, are the gleaming green eyes! Green is the colour of prosperity, and is very apt for the Lord of prosperity and success.

2. This gleaming Ganesha pendant is likely to stand out with its glistening diamonds, and the colour red which makes the entire pendant pop and shine brighter.

3. We absolutely love this bright pink, ornate pendant! This pendant also shows Ganesha in a unique avatar unlike any other.

4. For those looking to experience Ganesha in his all-powerful mode, this pendant fits just right. Brandishing his axe, this Ganesha pendant represents power and we love the design of his feet with those gorgeous stones.

5. This adorable pendant is for all those who love emeralds and the color green. Ganesha is adorned with diamonds and takes on a very scholarly avatar in this one!

6. Probably the most unique pendant of all, the gorgeous blocks of sapphire stacked up add to the charm. Ganesha’s outline is chalked with stunning diamonds against a green backdrop – a pendant that is likely to make heads turn for its design and originality.

7. And last but not least, our Editor’s pick from this fantastic collection! This absolutely marvellous creation has floral designs and colourful hues to celebrate the glory of Lord Ganesha, and we recommend that this is a must-have for all jewellery aficionados.

How did you celebrate Ganesh Chathurthi? Write to us and tell us!

All the pendants mentioned above are available at all Minawala stores in Mumbai and Bangalore