A guide to the ‘Perfect Wedding Gift’

Farvi Motiwale Wadhwa | Aug 29th 2017

The wedding season is all set and the norm of receiving the wedding cards has already begun. The excitement when you receive the invitation to your best friend’s wedding usually disappears with the stress of selecting the perfect gift for the couple. The closer you are to them, the more you may want your gift to showcase how important they are to you. Read on as we ease you of this daunting task of selecting the ‘Perfect Wedding Gift’ for that perfect couple getting married.
Gifting trends for wedding have changed a lot over the years now. “Previously hard cash was usually preferred to gift to the newly wed couples. Next option was some home accessories or kitchen ware,” says Saddam Zaroo, M.D. Hotel RK Sarovar Portico, Srinagar. “Over the years, people now prefer to gift something unusual to the couple like spa packages, honeymoon packages, dinner date tables, shopping privileged cards and more,” he adds.

Perfect Gift 1 - A honeymoon Package

Gifting a Honeymoon Package is always a special and memorable gift for any couple. “Selecting a not so crowded location which definitely have beautiful views, local places to visit, a comfortable stay are the add on factors that enhances newly-wed vacations,” suggests Saddam.

Tips while gifting a honeymoon package

  • - Honeymoon period is the most precious vacation for any couple and organizing a minimum five day trip will help them to bond well.
  • - Make sure that the bookings are confirmed. Select the premium room with an awesome view or the best table which has minimum disturbance.
  • - The gift should have a special message for the couple from the concerned person.

People are getting a lot more creative! Earlier the options were money and jewellery - but now people are really thinking out of the box and giving more personal gifts. A complete no-no is, “The toaster and rice cooker! Nothing says impersonal quite like a random kitchen appliance! Money usually is a no-brainer and goes a long way for couples! But a perfect gift is something you know the couple needs and can really enjoy together - so not just jewellery the bride can wear, but something useful and sentimental for both the groom and bride,” hints Sana Hoda Sood, Co-Founder of HappyShappy.com, a one-stop shop for all wedding requirements.
From product to experience, gifting industry has changed both in terms of perceived value and usage of the gift. Experience gifting is in rise due to its special connection with people to create some best memories which can be cherished for a long time. “It allows users to have some of the unique and authentic experiences which are rarely used by regular people. We have curated best in class experiences across the country which can be used for gifting right from festivals to weddings, birthdays to anniversaries, to suit all your gifting occasions and to celebrate your special day,” informs Naveen M , VP, Host Alliance, Xoxoday.

Perfect Gift 2 – A Bachelorette

A bachelorette party is basically a chance where the bride to-be has one final day with her girlfriends, celebrating her last day of bachelorette life and stepping into the dawn of a new life as a married woman. “From wine-tasting to special gourmet session, camping to brunching, bike trips to yachting, hosting the perfect no-stress bachelorette party for the bride and her friends. Xoxoday helps you with some of the best bachelorette-night-out recipes for a good time,” says Naveen. They have put together some super fun and absolutely necessary experiences for a great bachelorette party that one will never forget.
This is for the bride, likewise can be considered for the groom as well. The experiences that can be gifted for a groom should be more towards passion, adventure and group experiences related. “We have seen an increasing trend in going for flying, trekking, bike tours, cruise travel etc which are very commonly chosen by group of friends,” updates Naveen. Whether it’s a night at the casino, or a bar crawl or a private party, this is one party that is one last toast to bachelorhood.
If you are close to the couple you can give them personalized gifts like nameplates, a memory treasure box, quirky photo frame and customized wine glasses. Personalized gift tags and envelopes are also a great idea. You can add to this personalized passport covers for their upcoming honeymoon.

Perfect Gift 3: Personalised Options

Personalized name plates can be wonderful gifts for new couples. “They are an extremely useful and thoughtful gift especially for couples setting up their own house. If you are close to the couple then consider buying them a personalized name plate,” proposes Vatsala Kothari, Founder of LoveThisStuff.
They are sure to cherish it for years to come. “You can also consider other personalized options such as custom made cufflinks, travel kits, passport holders, towels, passport covers,” she further adds.

Tips while gifting a nameplates

- It is also important to consider the color and theme since the nameplate is the first thing that someone would see when they visit the couple.
- It thus must reflect the style and nature of the couple.
- For creative couples, you can look at bright colors. Some may prefer simple wooden nameplates. You can also look at adding a picture of the couple to name plate to add a personal touch.
- We also have people picking nameplates that have Lord Ganesha idols within them since it is considered auspicious.
- The size of the nameplate is also important since you want to be able to fit the names/ surname of the couple.
- It is important that the font is easily readable from at least a few feet away.

Over the years the idea of gifting has evolved a lot. From giving out materialistic possessions on the occasion of wedding, people nowadays are thinking forward by gifting experiences, which shall stay in the hearts for a long time. More and more people are opting for customized gifting ideas which create a sense of importance in the minds of those receiving the gift.

Perfect Gift 4: A trip to Antartica.

Why gift anything ordinary when you can gift an experience of a lifetime. Antartica is one of the last untouched places on earth. The wind roars across a landscape that is a hundred shades of white. And just because we are going to the end of the world, away from civilization does not mean we have to miss on the luxuries of modern life. “A curation like this is ideal for the newlyweds to spend quality time together. With Michellin starred chef on board, the couple can enjoy a superlative culinary experience in a luxury yacht. The guest to crew ratio is 1:1 ensuring the newlyweds are pampered on this journey,” says Vasim Shaikh, Founder, The Q Experiences. Visiting the seventh continent in the lap of luxury is the perfect wedding gift option as it is a once in a lifetime journey. “A trip like ‘The White Continent’ is a 14 day journey, so one has to plan in advance for such a journey. Also, it will be a perfect gifting idea for the upcoming winter weddings season,” advices Vasim.

Vatsala Kothari, Founder of LoveThisStuff shares some tips that you can consider while selecting a gift for your near and dear ones
- Decide the budget. A price range is essential to be able to pick the right gift.
- Do some research. List down the things that the couple like and try and find out if there is something that they need. It would be an accessory for their new home, something that they can use on their honeymoon or an item that they can use for years to come.
- Be considerate of the couple’s traditions, religious preferences, and personal taste when purchasing a gift.