Farvi Motiwale Wadhwa | Aug 8th 2017

Whether you are heading out for a long weekend or are away for a couple of weeks, there is no need to say bon voyage to looking your best. Travel can be stressful, especially when you have to carry multiple products with you that can spill and create a mess of your stuff. However when it comes to makeup, these essential tips that will ensure that you travel light and still feel like you have all your makeup and hair needs handy when you are on the go.

Plan around your outfit

simple tip is to plan makeup choices around your outfits, in order to carry fewer shades and products. This will help minimize your baggage and unclutter your life. Use multi-purpose products; you obviously cannot carry your entire make-up stack with you while you travel so the ideal way to go is by packing stuff that can be used in multiple ways. “Like a simple shimmer blush can be used as an eye shadow or a highlighter, a creamy lipstick can be a substitute of your eye shadow and blush and so on. The idea is to travel smart,” says an expert from VLCC.
Facial skin is considered more sensitive compared to body skin and thus requires extra attention. During travel, even the extra care is not enough as the skin is exposed to dust, dryness and heat. Thus we need reliable and handy products to carry along with us every time we step out of the house. “Sandalwood has great skin lightening and refreshing properties. It also has a cooling effect on the skin. Carrying a small bottle of sandalwood oil during any travel is simple and handy to treat common skin problems like acne and rashes, whilst sandal paste can be applied on the skin for cleansing and hydrating the skin, suggests Dr. Austin, Head- Research and Development at Cholayil Private Limited.

You can swap your face wash bottles with facial cleansing wipes that serve the same purpose

VLCC, a well known player of the industry suggests, “tinted moisturizers or CC creams.” Instead of carrying bottles of moisturizer and foundation separately, you can simply do with your CC creams that also work with treating certain skin concerns at the same time.
Another essential travel kit major is a lip balm. “A lip balm is undoubtedly one versatile product that can generally double as all-over, wherever-you-need- it balms,” advices the expert. Not only does it help to nourish and seal dry chapped lips, but can also be used along with eye shadows to create newer and exciting lip color shades. You can also use a lip balm on your cheeks to make them look glossy and hydrated.

Replace your face wash bottles

You can swap your face wash bottles with facial cleansing wipes that serve the same purpose. They help remove the make-up, dirt and grime from skin which means you have less chances of potential spillage.

Sun care

Sun care is an absolute necessity when travelling. Its important to protect your skin from the sun while you are busy exploring a new place. There are a range of SunCare products that are paraben free and are enriched with natural ingredients that protect skin against harmful sun rays. VLCC’s Sun Care range includes Hydrophobic Sun Screen Lotion SPF 50, Daily Protect Sun Screen Cream SPF 25, Anti-Tan Sun Screen Lotion SPF 25, Matte Look Sunscreen Cream SPF 30, Skin Nourishing Sunscreen Lotion SPF 40, that can be chosen basis your exposure to the sun.

Dry Shampoos

Shampooing during travel is very essential as travelling leave hair dirty and without shine. Dry shampoos absorb the oil that makes your hair look greasy without drying out the scalp giving an illusion of recently taken head wash.
Re-usable travel friendly bottles: Who wants to carry around full sized products in their kits when you can squeeze out some of your favorite daily essentials like moisturizers, Sunscreens, body washes and others in travel friendly miniature bottles. It saves you even more space.

For Box

A celebrated Hairstylist and Make-up Artist Pooja Sharma says
Your travel make-up kit must contain:
• A perfect base suiting your skin type can be BB cream/foundation/ concealer (you know best what suits your skin)
• A basic eye shadow kit, (earthy or neutral tone) as they can be worn on all occasions and with all garments.
• Eyeliner, mascara, lip color, blush-on, but remember to keep it natural
• While travelling select brushes carefully, only carry an eye shadow application brush and powder brush to blend.
• Make remover and pre base is also important with cotton pads