Niveda Sathiyamoorthy | May 22nd 2017

Do you find your deep rich love slowly fading and the spark missing? Well, here are some simple ways to keep the fire burning in your relationship.

Spend Quality time

Think of the last time you looked into your spouse’s eyes and listened to what they said with much patience. Spending Quality time is giving your heart and soul to whatever it is in front of you both. Prepare a new dish or your favorite dish together. Do some gardening or just water the plants. Pick up a new hobby or just Grab an ice cream and go for a walk in the night, well whatever it is just do it together.

Have Effective Communication

The first and foremost thing is to have an effective communication. Talk to your spouse, share what is happening in the work place or the in laws house, show the other person you are interested in what they are saying. Talk about all the tiny details and more importantly about the missing spark and what can be done to resolve it.

Go on a Date Night

It’s time to pick up the sexiest outfit you have reserved for so long and go out and have a dinner. Candle light dinners never go out of fashion and well the incandescent light will make you look even more beautiful. If Going out is not your type, you can always order in food, light a candle and pour a glass of wine for yourselves and say cheers.

Always remember to farewell with a gentle kiss and welcome back with a warm hug.

Do the little things

Always remember to farewell with a gentle kiss and welcome back with a warm hug. Every now and then Surprise her with the morning coffee trick she’s been using all these days, iron her clothes so she’s all set for her day. You can also give each other a massage. You need not be an expert to press the head a little. Your hands will do all the magic for your spouse after a tiring day.

Write Love notes

If you are going to leave the bed before your spouse wakes up don’t forget to leave a love note. ‘A happy Morning honey, you look gorgeous’; will give a kick start to the day. Also don’t make them monotonous and boring. So add an element of surprise to it. Preferably write them where the other person is least expecting it. Also take pictures of your spouse without them noticing it and surprise them with a copy of it along with a cute message behind it.

Go on Trips

Pick up a hill station or any destination and go on a short trip or camping for a weekend. This will give you a lot of time to understand each other better, to share and to talk. Leave your children with your in laws or a baby sitter. Explore the place, try out different restaurants and make the optimum use of it and also ensure you do things that satisfy both.

Unexpected Gifts

Don’t reserve gifts for birthdays and anniversaries. A small gift every now and then will definitely make the other person’s day. It need not be a Swaroski or a Tommy Hilfigher. Be on the moment and always keep a look out for their favorites when you go out. If you find something lovely that you know your spouse will like just grab it and a little bit of personal wrapping will add the final touch.

Complement each other

All the pretty adjectives are a sure shot, and when it comes unexpected it will make the other person go crazy. Notice her manicured finger, her new cut in her blouse. Complement each other more often. Take a look at his new hair cut, his fine beard. In the end, your opinion would mean so much to them.

Have More Sex

It’s time to bring back the long sensual kiss that will linger forever and also more sex to your priority list. Discuss with your partner about their sexual fantasies and what would please them. You have been with each other for a long time, so just get rid of the shyness and try something new and exciting. You can always grab a copy of an adult book and enjoy reading it together and also don’t compare your sexual relationship with others because people have their own style so find what is yours and have fun.

Movie Magic

Don’t wait for the 5.1 version of the film to come online and so you can lazily sit and watch the movie in your home. Break the Monotony and surprise the spouse with a FDFS ticket for their favorite film. This sure will give them immense joy and in turn room for a little grooming. Don’t spoil all the effort by going in your sweat shirt, because that’s what you do all day. It’s time for some good looks, coke and popcorn.


One is never too old to hold hands and count the stars and have a little talk. Talk about all the exciting things you did in the start of your marriage, bring the memories back and have great laugh but make sure you don’t retrieve the memories and end up sad by thinking that you aren’t like how you used to be then. All you need to do is grab your spouse’s hands, get out of your house, climb the stairs and go to your terrace. The stars are waiting to sparkle.