Current Openings

Sales Manager (Full time)
  • The Sales Manager will be responsible for achieving growth and hitting sales targets by successfully managing the sales team
  • Working with top management for better organizational sales cross-divisionally
  • Designing and implementing a strategic business plan that expands the company's customer base and ensures its strong presence.
  • Primary tasks will include objectives setting, meeting monthly targets and revenue goals; and coaching and performance monitoring of sales representatives.

Sales Executive (Full time)
  • The Sales Executive will be responsible for identifying relevant business opportunities by identifying prospects and evaluating their position in the industry; researching and analyzing sales options.
  • A target oriented position that is revenue driven, the sales executive will be responsible for selling all Wedding Vows products by establishing contact and developing relationships with prospects; and recommending solutions.

Content Writer (Full time)
  • The Content Writer will be responsible to produce engaging original content for both print and online portals of Wedding Vows.
  • He or she will be an Internet-savvy individual who create articles, blog posts, and other forms of written Web material.
  • He or she will have to work closely with sales teams to coordinate with client’s articles when necessary
  • The content writer will be expected to take the initiative to produce content that is of industry standards.

Digital SEO Specialist (Full time)
  • The Digital SEO Specialist will be responsible for analyzing, reviewing, and implementing changes to the Wedding Vows website so that it is always ideally optimized for search engines.
  • He or she will be responsible for maximizing website traffic by improving page rank within search engines.
  • This position reports to the chief of marketing, and will be a key position in devising marketing campaigns for the company.

Video Blogger (Guest/Freelance)
  • The Video Blogger will be responsible for producing original video content for the Wedding Vows online and digital platforms.
  • He or she will have to be tech-savvy and creative, with knowledge of video editing and knowledge of basic video shooting.
  • The video blogger will have to come up with ideas for videos, conduct research for the videos, and work with the content team to produce videos that are in line with marketing campaigns.

Marketing Manager (Full time)
  • The Marketing Manager will be responsible for managing the overall digital and direct marketing, advertising and promotional activities at Wedding Vows.
  • He or she will be responsible for taking steps to measure, enhance, and enrich the position and image of a company through various goals and objectives.
  • He or she will need to work closely with the sales team and chief of marketing to hit monthly revenue targets.
  • The marketing manager needs to have an outgoing, gregarious, and spontaneous nature.

Marketing Executive (Full time)
  • The Marketing Executive will be responsible for planning, developing and implementing effective marketing communication campaigns for the company (including digital and social media).
  • Using the full marketing mix for the company's marketing communications, the marketing executive will have to work closely with other teams including sales to contribute to the overall revenue goals of the company.
  • He or she will also be responsible for writing copy for all marketing collateral, including brochures, letters, emails and websites.

Blogger (Freelance)
  • The Blogger will be responsible for producing original content for the Wedding Vows blog.
  • The core duties of the blogger will be to come up with post ideas, conduct research for each post, write in an engaging and clear manner, check their work for errors, find relevant photos to include with the post and publish the post on a specific date.
  • He or she will have to work with other teams occasionally when required.

Customer Support Executive (Full time)
  • The Customer Service Executive will be required to answer incoming calls from customers for various reasons- to take orders, answer inquiries, resolve complaints and provide information about products or services from the company’s offerings.
  • Primary duties will include attracting potential customers by answering product and service questions; assisting in opening of customer accounts; recording account information when required; and resolving customer issues and complaints.


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