Decorate your wedding home, just the way you want without breaking the bank. Yes, this is possible. With our handpicked ideas, you can adorn your wedding home at unbelievably low rates.

Those planning a budget wedding, cut costs on a number of things. As decorating home is an integral part of wedding, people can’t ignore it and end up shelling out a whopping amount of money for the same. How about getting your home ornamented in under 10K and even less? Surprised? Don’t be. Here, we present you ways that will help you save big on your décor. Your shaadi ka ghar will look cheerful and your bank balance will not suffer. Isn’t it great? So, be smart and use these cool ideas to decorate your wedding home at budget. 

Go for Decor Rentals

To jazz up your home for the wedding, checking out collections of décor rentals is a good choice. Here, name of Flyrobe's #DecorRentals collection by Devika Narain and her team is worthy to be mentioned. She has curated every set with a unique taste and different theme to it. So, you can select what you love the most. 

CherishX is another name that creates happy memories by crafting lovely experiences. It provides its wedding décor services at reasonable rates. They offer you cool décor stuff such as upturned umbrellas on the ceiling, photo booths, and even personalised décor. 

Get Inspired and Shop Online

There are a host of ideas oozing on the internet. You can choose what suits you best as per your choice. Bring them to life by purchasing the items of your choice online, and styling and decorating them your way. These decorative items look amazing and are easy on pocket too

DIY Wedding Home Décor 

Your home will look ethereal with DIY wedding décor. There is no dearth of ideas that you can do yourself and transform your home into a celebrity wedding home! The best thing is that these DIY décor ideas fit perfectly in your budget as you can customize your decor and buy things as per your pocket and preferences. Go creative and try out cool stuff. Some of the things that you can use for creating your personalized décor items are gota, pompoms, tassels, paper knick-knacks like lanterns, confetti, etc. certainly, your home will look a class apart. 

Refurbish Old Items

Refurbishing old decorative items by adorning home with those on the occasion of wedding is the best idea. If you look around your home, there are several things lying around that you can use for adding that oomph and warmth to the occasion of wedding. Your home will look lively with the creative use of daily household items such as pickle jars, kettles, terracotta items, and vases. Even planters can be packed with flowers so that the happiness of the occasion comes out the best way. You can also hang bangles around for enhanced décor. Reusing things will add charm to your home and you will have the satisfaction of utilizing things the best way.

Set it Right with Moroccan Lamps 

Ornamenting your wedding home with Moorish lamps is oh so classic and elegant. To pull off this look successfully, you have to select the correct stuff. Moroccan lamps are easily available. You can get these at stores and online portals both. Place these lamps at places of your choice and light a candle in each. A stained glass apparition is also a great choice that accentuates the overall look of the lamps and doesn’t cost you much.  For such décor, you can count on Devika Narain and Company. Based in Mumbai, they provide avant-garde services at unimaginably low rates. 

Minimalistic Mode

Many times, less is more. If you are a person who counts on doing less for more beauty, this one is for you. Simply hang long marigold strips and garlands all over your home. The smart tip is to hand these floral singles in those parts of home that you want to highlight. A few of such places are around the window sill, on the railings, under the staircase etc. let the fragrant décor overwhelm you and add to the joy of the occasion. 

Classic Case

All you need to pull off a classic look are simple sofa of light color with contrast cushions or vice versa and a crystal chandelier. Curtains of complementary shade with sofa and a plethora of fairy lights will do the rest. You can easily get a chandelier on rent; fairy lights are pretty inexpensive and for light shade of sofa you can go for sofa covers of the shades you want. Get ready to watch your home transform into a classic and sophisticated zone. 

To be precise, you can sport your much-desired wedding home décor with these clever tips and tricks. Even if you are tight on budget, your wedding décor at home will not suffer the limitations. Out these ideas into practice and watch your home glowing, just the way you are! After all, weddings are lifetime occasions!