Wedding Vowstakes you through a guide of shopping spots that are a must-visit when you explore the beautiful land of Thailand.

We all love to shop when we visit new places and it gives us the happiness of indulging in buying our favorite things. Thailand, being one of the major tourist hubs in the world promises to have some of the best shopping places that you would want to visit and empty your pockets!

Central World

It is the third-largest shopping center in Asia and sixth in the world. It has more than 500 stores, 100 restaurants & cafes. It has 8 floors each with its own theme. You can find international brands like Topshop, Zara, and Adidas, Electronics, Home furnishings, Children’s shops. It also has a theatre and is the heart of the new year party with the biggest fire show.

Chatuchak market

With over 15,000 stalls, it is one of the biggest markets in the world, open every Saturday and Sunday. The market is divided into 27 huge sections where you can find the most varied things such as souvenirs, clothes, wood carvings, and even live animals. It is a great place to buy typical Thai items. It is a street food paradise for all tourists.


To have a more local and traditional shopping experience, Chinatown is your best option. Such a lively and rich area, wandering around is a timeless experience by itself and there is nothing you can think of that is not sold here. You can visit Yaowarat road for gold vendors, Balanna Plaza for shoe shopping and Itsaraphap lane for food items.


One of Asia’s oldest shopping malls, it was originally named Mahbookkrong. It is a great place to find amazing deals on mobile phones and accessories. Just like other malls, you can shop for fashionable affordable clothes from Thai brands and designs. You can also get quality imitations of big fashion brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton here.

Pantip Plaza

A one-stop-shop for electronics. Its hundreds of shops make up a massive place for electronics of all kinds. From computer hardware and software to tech-related gadgets. You name it, Pantip Plaza has it. You can get away with a great deal on monitors, laptops, projectors, printers, hoverboards, etc. Pratunam

It is all about clothing and the best place to buy bulk orders. You can find modern everyday wear to fancy party wear here. There are almost 4000 stores and you can bargain to buy at rock bottom prices.

Platinam Fashion Mall

This will be your favorite shopping mall, small yet giving you satisfactory shopping experience. The mall is specialized in clothing and accessories. With 7 to 8 floors, you can find so many stores with very reasonable pricing, fashion clothes with a wide range of styles. It is literally a street shopping inside a mall.

Siam Paragon

Another famous shopping mall in Bangkok, Siam Paragon has over 250 shops with top-notch high-end fashion brands. It is a major attraction for luxury shoppers. Flagship stores like Versace, Burberry and Louis Vuitton can be found here. It also has the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia and a huge cinema complex with 16 screens