Here are some cute little wedding details and gestures you can do from your side for your guests which they will remember for a long long time!


At a wedding, nothing holds more importance than making sure the stay and the food of the guests are taken care of.  Most of your guests, if not all, go through a lot to make it to your wedding. Some butter-up their bosses or call in sick, others burn down to last of their bank accounts to book those expensive tickets, a lot of them spend time and money deciding their outfits. So much effort for your big day! So why not do a little something for them in return which makes them feel fuzzy and special?

Here are some cute little wedding details and gestures you can do from your side for your guests which they will remember for a long long time!


Room Gift Hampers

In 2019, we have seen an emergence of mindful gifting. Thoughtful, personalized gifts are making a lot of noise and work best because they are sustainable and green. Instead of opting for the usual run in the mill or the cookie-cutter approach of giving confectionaries and dry fruits, we suggest you opt for curated and personalized favors that embody who you are as a couple and family. Gourmet coffees, artisanal teas go a long way. The packaging of these also makes an impact, because this is one place you can stand out. Handcrafted wooden and tin packaging, complemented with eco-eco-friendly designs serves the purpose of an after-use value that is practical and not pedestrian.



Traditional Favors

Favors that include traditional items like bangles, bindis or anklets make great favors. They are affordable, quirky and a statement of classy adornment for your guests. You can gift as per tradition, or improvise with your gifting to make it more personalized.



Timeless Favors

There is nothing better than giving your guests something they would remember for a long time. Some off-the-wall ideas include engraved shot glasses or marble coasters, “mint to be” mint tins, handmade spice blends, and pull-out photo boxes. The idea is to add a personal touch to small tokens, to be remembered by guests forever.



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Inexpensive Favors

We know how tight budgets weddings can be. With so many vendors to pay off, there is almost little or nothing left for favors. However, there is always a silver lining. If you are working on a shoestring budget for wedding favors nothing works better than personalized, handwritten notes for your guests. Putting it down in black & white, thanking your guests, will definitely pull those heartstrings. Make personalized, handwritten notes on handcrafted papers and give out to each of your guests.



Engraved Favors

Favors can go a long way when you also want your guests to know how much you appreciate their presence on the day of the wedding and also in your lives. Personalizing the favors to the T can never fail to make an impact. Engraved gift cards, mugs, napkins, coat pins, etc have emerged as clear winners when it comes to giveaways. The guests feel special and it is something they can take back even after the wedding is wrapped.



Eco-friendly Favors

With the possible climate change issues we read in the news every day and the need for sustainability, your wedding favours can incline towards going green. Terrariums, Aloe Vera plants, garlands made out of natural essentials not only beautiful but also promote the idea that you are mindful and conscious about the environment. And there is nothing better making sure that your guests take this mindful gifts with them too.



Scented Favours

More than the visual aesthetics of the wedding, the taste and scent also hold great significance. Guests will be in for a pleasant surprise if you choose to favor them with scented accessories. Diffusers, personalized scented candles, and bath salts and many more such essentials can make great wedding favors. They can be DIY-ed too, and also are not too heavy on pockets.



Summing up a well, thought out wedding hampers containing edible wedding favors such as artisan olive oils, organic hot chocolate, and organic honey have been a huge hit and can contribute to some uniqueness. Personalized wedding favors such as monogrammed linen, silverware, and customized leather items always go a long way in making each guest feel special. At the end of the day what should matter is how can you show your gratitude to your guests. Without them, your wedding and your memories will be incomplete.