Photo props give life and meaning to photography especially when it comes to concept shooting, photo props are essential as much as the location to a photographer.

Be it shooting outdoor or at home? Props add more beauty to a photo and let us shoot more creatively. A strong focal point is necessary to attract the attention of the viewer.Photo props are fundamental to either identify or describe a photoshoot. It plays a major role by adding a subject to the picture with a story or dimension for it. Photo props give life and meaning to a photography especially when it comes to concept shooting, photo props are essential as much as the location to a photographer.

In Photography, we have the freedom to rotate and find a new angle, unlike a landscape or architecture where we cannot move them. Props reveal the creativity within oneself in a photograph. In such case, here are few tricks


Almost any accessories could be used as a prop for either conceptual shoot or pre-wedding shoot etc. In a clothing retail industry, accessories delight the look of a model like earrings, sunglasses, mirrors, hats, feathers, frames, etc. Adding these cute little things may enhance our skills with photography as the accessories take a command over any style of dress to complete a look.


To produce an attractive minimalist art for Vintage effect, it is important to include the props that express color, luxurious quality and a texture of those images. A Baroque effect won’t be necessary when props could explain it better but if included it would still add the essence. Using prints, candles, fabric, trays and boxes, plants, or even any old paintings, will create the perfect ambience for a Vintage shoot.

Boards & Placards 

As an emerging trend, boards and placards have a significant quality of conveying a message. Writing cute things related to a particular occasion or an event (wedding, engagement party, etc.), these pictures speak as we add a message in board or placards. Sometimes even an expression as ‘Wow’, ‘Hooray’ can also be included in a board as though the photos express the happiest state of mind & spread joy to those who view.

Normal Objects 

Sometimes the most familiar objects that we use in daily life will come out of nowhere creating a peculiar creativity in the Photoshoot. With the angle we choose, normal objects like Umbrella, Balloon, Dupatta, Alphabet Strings, Sand Clock, etc. would add quirky effect to a photograph. During photoshoot, objects can capture eye-catching images with focus. These props can be used to add a strong color for photography.

Contrast colors 

This kind of prop will emphasize the center of attention to a photograph. The color of the object should be dominant in color to accordance with a light background and vice versa. To create a harmonious composition, a photographer can blend in the contrast colors naturally and produce an out of the ordinary photo.


It doesn’t have to be an object as photo prop for a photograph. In such case, flowers, a rainbow, tree leaves, twigs or stem of a root, sudden waves, thunder, etc. could be a natural frame. As it naturally acts as a prop and adds beauty to the photography, Nature props are a treasure that only needs a sharp focus.


Frames add extra essence or aesthetic sense to a photograph. Designed frames for a desi wedding, wacky frames for a college event, etc. depends on the occasion and theme. The idea has carved out of the cliché from where we use to frame our photos to using them as a prop inside an image.

Create Humor as a Prop

Creating humor as a prop involves delicacy in an idea, it basically requires the knowledge of relating a joke or pun which could be communicated as if the picture portrays the humor.This would not only culminate a photograph with message but also adds humor to it.