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Millennials are shying away from the Avant-Garde decor and going for something sustainable, earthy and simple. This shift in the wedding industry has been not only preferred by the environmentally aware, but also the elite segments of the country.


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Here are few snippets from a recent wedding, planned and executed by Atulya Events. They have used local and easily available elements like  Genda Phool and Bamboo stems and transformed into something elegant and classic.  The subtle touch of South Indian detailing has added a quaint charm to the whole theme. 



Sri Vidya Krishna- Founder and CEO, Atulya Events

Sri Vidya holds a Master's degree in English from the Central University of Hyderabad. Her career spans more than 25 years in the field of teaching and HR. Sri Vidya found her calling in the Weddings and Events industry in an unexpected way. Starting out with cherished family events got her inherent creative and administrative juices flowing, and soon this talented HR professional found herself carefully curating Atulya – “a full - service creative events boutique.” Her in-depth knowledge of traditional sensibilities combined with her endearing and affable personality easily makes her the family member you can bank on to help your special day.


She believes in the importance of upholding traditions and meticulously guides the families through all the necessary rituals. She is also fun-loving and always looks for opportunities to bring in the quirky and the funky making it fun for the youngsters as well!


Sri Vidya is committed to “go green” and does not use toxic material in any form in the events she executes. She is committed to “zero waste” whereby no garbage is generated during the events, hence, not adding to the landfills. She believes in “giving back” to society by working with NGOs and other self-help groups.

She truly is your one-stop solution to fulfilling your dream event!


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