Fresh fragrant flowers, sinful chocolates, and lovey-dovey gifts all have one thing in common- they all scream love!


Yes, Valentine’s Day is here and it’s officially the season to celebrate love. Whether it is an act of self-love, gifting something special to a loved one or looking like a ‘treat’ for someone, here are some ways to spice up the Valentine Day celebration in the comfort of your  home 


Aromatic room decor 

If you’re looking to rekindle the spark in your relationship this Valentine’s Day or just simply want to surprise your partner with a romantic stay in, my advice would be to go for aromatic décor. All you need is some scented candles, balloons, red roses and a pinch of creativity, and your same old home would become a perfect place for a date with the loved one.

Putting in a little effort to decorate your home shows your partner how much you care and makes for a truly unforgettable evening," suggests Rishabh Sarpal, Conceptualise Interior Designer, Founder of Rishabh Sarpal Atelier


Dinner date at home

A quiet, candlelight dinner at home is always better than a formal date at some fancy restaurant. So if you’re planning to surprise your partner this Valentine’s Day by decorating your place, and you don’t mind spending a few bucks, you can also go for aroma diffusers.

They take very little effort to set up and can make your home smell like heaven in no time, suggests Bhawana Bhatnagar, Interior Stylist, Founder of Casa Exotique.


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Sipping the right drink

Good coffee and great conversations easily sum up a great date. What better than being served a gourmet cup of coffee by your partner. Slay has managed to disrupt the coffee market and create a completely new category for gourmet, handcrafted coffee on-demand, right at the click of a button.

With that under control, choose away from our Valentine Specials menu. I personally recommend the hazelnut latte love and the French lavender latte for your BAE, suggests Lakshmi Dasaka, Co-Founder and COO, SLAY 


Gifting her something sexy

Let us give you a hint: it’s luxurious, personal and beautifully crafted! Every girl owns it but she always wants more! And, it is something that will always stay close to her heart. You may have guessed it by now- it's Lingerie!

Trust us, this ‘Hatke’ gift is sure to win you some major brownie points! And why just stop at Lingerie, there is so much more you can give her this Valentine’s Day. The gorgeous lingerie collection from Zivame will help you spice up V-day like no other. 


Gifting him something erotic

Gifts for men are so cliche, wallets, pens, gadgets, and men's grooming products. If you have already ‘been there and done that’ in the past, it's time for something ‘Hatke’.   Erotic gifts are the new trend in today's times as it is important to maintain the spice in a relationship breaking mundane intimacy styles.


This Valentine's Day, gift him something erotic and turn fantasy into reality. A cock ring, for example, is very enlightening to a man and can create a huge turn on for your man, suggests Raj Armani, Co-Founder, and COO,



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