22 Buzzing Beauty Brands

Despite the strong headwinds buffeting the economy, the beauty industry has seen exponential growth with digital acceleration innovating business models all across India. In fact, the Indian Beauty and Personal Care market is growing steadily at ~10%. Here are 22 brands who created a buzz in 2022.


HyugaLife is a newly launched eCommerce platform that sells everything related to health and wellness. The platform aims to bridge the gap between genuine product providers and health seekers. Spread across 9 categories, this platform is home to over 200+ Brands with 5000+ reliable SKUs. All products available here are backed by authentic knowledge that enables the customer to make a better buying decision.

“Marriages are surely a festival of a lifetime. And to keep slaying it, a step beyond temporary makeup is needed. I suggest all the brides to start their hair, skin, and nail pampering routine, and work on their natural selves. My advice would be to incorporate products with Collagen, Biotin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, or Glutathione, for effective results. We at HyugaLife, also have a wide range of genuine products with these ingredients in the HSN category, so you can also explore them and choose products that specifically suit you.” – ANVI SHAH (CEO HyugaLife).


Modicare Limited is one of India’s leading Direct Selling Companies and the pioneer of Direct Selling industry in India. “The global pandemic did bring some unforeseen challenges, however, we at Modicare, adapted to the new normal with great agility. Our consultant base has exponentially grown to 53 lakhs, furthering our vision of providing “Azadi”. Digital innovation has been a key focus area for us. We have been constantly expanding our portfolio, forayed into new categories and launched over 200 plus products in the last two years. International expansion has been a key focus area for us. As part of our global diversification strategy, we have launched Modicare in the UK market in June 2022 and are planning to expand to other markets including EU and Southeast Asia in the coming years.”


Happier Skincare, an Indian skincare company that offers clean, efficacious holistic beauty products using scientifically proven ingredients that keep the consumer at the core. Due to the Pandemic, Happier’s initial days were a bit struggle oriented, but it was our team’s dedication and compassion that we achieved some significant milestones early in the brand’s journey. Our clean, efficacious holistic products formulation incorporating extensively researched and result-driven superfoods and clinical actives and the desiderated team of experts have led the brand Happier to be a successful product of its new market, the UAE- where our product got a great response on Amazon and Nykaa. As promising as the year 2022 has been and working along a similar line, we plan to explore the markets of the US for the year ahead with our wide range of high-performing formulations to provide effective and safe solutions.


“Vanesa embodies the grace and charisma of a modern women who values ‘Self-Love’. Vanesa range of Exquisite Signature Fragrance are unconventional and exotic. It is preferred by confident, sassy women who are not afraid to flaunt and own their style. Indulge into the fragrances of self-love, confidence & passion that define your style. “Year 2022 has been a fabulous year for us. Our Campaign with Kareena Kapoor Khan “Fragrance of Style” has been really good and has helped us position as a premium fragrance brand. We have also launched some exciting categories into skin care Like Face Wash, Body Wash, Body Lotion & in the main category range extension we also launched some exquisite fine fragrances like Tingle, Grace, Mystique, Scarlet & Caper for women who likes to flaunt their style gracefully and with confidence.


Astaberry is a Conscious, Socially Responsible and Environment friendly brand based on principles of Ayurveda and Natural Science. Our carefully created formulations make you look naturally beautiful. Subtle fragrances and crafted packaging designs add to the sensory feel of the products making your Me-time more enjoyable and satisfying. ” This year has been great for us!!! After two years of the pandemic and the uncertainties surrounding it, this year has been much better with no lockdowns and business coming back to normal. Astaberry as a brand is doing extremely well and in 2022, we have expanded our marketing network to pan India with our presence now in every state of India. Sales growth has been great. We have achieved around 40% growth YOY in sales. The only adverse thing was that inflation was too high effecting our margins and profitability but now things are coming under control, and we hope that 2023 is even better,” says Achal Arya, Director, Astaberry.


The Ayurveda Co. It is one of the fastest growing omnichannel brands in the beauty and wellness sector, providing ethically crafted, premium & eco-conscious personal & healthcare products at mass prices. Shreedha Singh, Co-Founder says, “We saw numerous firsts of 2021, with moving into a new office in the heart of the corporate hub in Gurugram, activating the retail business & opening 20 brand kiosks & 350+ stores all across the nation. We associated with trustworthy partners like Azim Premiji’s Wipro Consumer Care, investing in our seed round and raising series A, starting with Actress & Investor Kajal Aggarwal. Our team grew 10x from 30 members to almost 400+, including senior management & leaders. We did our first of many celebrity associations with Rubina Dilaik & Kajal Aggarwal”


Juvena Herbals, a name synonymous with Ayurveda since last 30 years, is a restorative herbal beauty brand that follows the teachings of Ayurveda, empowering to create simple and natural products providing unmatched charm and confidence. Year 2022 was post pandemic year. Like Every brand we wanted full strength of our clients to come back to us. The expectation was only natural as we had dedicated 30 years of result-oriented services to our clients. Post Pandemic, it was “Immunity” in the expectation list of every client, already one of many strengths of Juvena. Acting on one strength alone never yields the most effective growth. Hence, we innovated as well as improved on our products and treatments. We launched immunity boosting body wash, Manjishtha Lip balm, with a new range of Liquid and Bullet lipsticks made from Bees wax, VIT E, Cocoa Butter in August 2022. Even with 40 plus products in our skin and Hair Care range till 2022, we not only improvised several but also introduced the new, most required and trending, efficient, genuine products, attracting new clients both online and on-site while bringing back our faithful client base. Reviews started pouring in and we were highly motivated to do better.


True Frog is a homegrown personal care brand from Earthly Blend Pvt Ltd, founded by a team of professionals from diverse backgrounds to create products that are vegan and environment friendly. Based on sharp consumer insights and preferences towards transparent and authentic products, True Frog was incepted in early 2020 by Sarika Gawande, Subrata Nag and Mangesh Gawande.  True Frog’s product reflects the health, beauty, and diversity of those who use it. True to its name, the brand refrains from using harmful elements and focuses on efficacy without compromising integrity. For transparency, all the ingredients used is mentioned along every product. Headquartered in Bangalore and with a pan-India market presence, the brand started from a small home-based lab, currently has an R&D center and a team of professional to support the overall operations. The company manufactures at an ISO 9001:2015, certified facility in Bangalore. The company aims to expand its personal care range soon. All True Frog products are available on Amazon, Flipkart, Sublimelife, Nykaa, Vanity Wagon, Kindlife and other beauty e-commerce websites.


Uniqaya is an emerging skincare brand dedicated to giving you only the best. With the highest quality natural ingredients, it delivers paraben-free, non-sulfate & non-phthalates products for the skin. Furthermore, it is GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) free and cruelty-free. “As we are overcoming the phase of Covid, the year 2022 has been very welcoming in comparison to the years that preceded it. We’ve had a very positive response in terms of sales and the demand for our products, particularly, our sunscreen and foot cream. We have also familiarized ourselves with the target audience we seek to serve and partake in all kinds of branding processes, from PR packages to influencer marketing. This year was marked with a responsive audience and a need to introduce more products as part of our skincare line.”


Aminu, is a homegrown and holistic skincare brand that’s built on fundamental understanding of skin (dermatology), ingredients (chemistry & biology) & human senses (neurosciences). Aminu’s reason of existence is to make products that help you achieve & maintain healthy, naturally radiant, youthful skin. “It has been a fantastic year for us. In terms of revenue, we are happily boost strapping our way to 5x of what we did in 2021 and setting pieces in place to go 10x from here in 2023. Our partnership with JCB, Bodycraft, Dessange and a few other marquee salon chains in India took off and a couple of more are near closing. On the product front, we launched our signature treatments that have been receiving rave reviews and we are all set with the SPF for launch in early 2023. We received a prestigious Beauty Award for one of our products too this year.” Aman Mohunta, Co-founder of Aminu. 


Neemli’s range of scientifically formulated, botanically activated products, harness the power of plants and science to bring you healthier skin and hair. From our bestselling serums to our ‘actives’ based concentrates, every Neemli product is cruelty-free, safe to use, transparent and most importantly, effective. Neemli is all about embracing real skin and hair and trying to make it look and feel its healthiest. “It has been a year of a lot of learning and unlearning. With the sheer number of skincare and haircare brands and the constantly changing digital algorithms, it becomes a challenge to stand out from the crowd. This year, we had to work hard on expanding our digital footprint and also look at retail through a new lens since everything has opened up and there are new omnichannel opportunities to tap into.” Bhaskara Seth, Co-founder of Neemli Naturals.


Better Beauty claims to be cruelty-free, paraben-free, SLS and mineral-oil free. The product line promotes a simple skincare routine with potent ingredients to fit-in perfectly with the fast-paced life. It provides you a delicate and opulent experience while focusing on the well-being of your skin. “The year 2022 kickstarted with Better Beauty raising $200K from the Indian cosmetic giant – Lotus Herbals. This came as a motivational booster especially when we had already exceeded our expectations and delivered our skincare products to over 10K customers across the nation. It was about time for us to offer a physical touch & feel experience to our patrons. Perhaps why we did a soft launch offline in New Delhi with “Mix it Up” – a handcrafted personal care & beauty pop-up by Vanity Wagon. Better Beauty was also conferred with the seal of “Plastic Neutrality” by The Disposal Company.”


As Crazy Owl – Your Skin Co. founders, we believe in all-inclusive beauty. We started with this idea that our range of products are for the explorers, the adventurous and crazy souls who seek escape in all its forms. Whether they find it on the opposite end of the world or simply in a virtual retreat from daily life – through a luxurious fragrance or a sensorial experience, our products are sure to brighten your day, soothe the senses, and promote happiness. When you give yourself daily pampering with Crazy Owl, you’ll benefit from the purest combination of ingredients blended harmoniously with nature. Every ingredient is cautiously selected and ethically sourced from across the globe with an unwavering dedication to quality. With the right choice of material and the finest craftsmanship, we love putting our heart and soul into designing our efficacious products.


Derma Essentia was established in the year of 2018 with the thought of providing people with a safe and great skin as well as hair experience. One thing that makes us stand out is that we have Chrono Chardy formulated in our products. Each product is dermatologically tested as well. “This year was really good for Derma Essentia as we have gained a lot of positive attention from people. It’s really great to know that people are getting aware of Chronobiology which is one of the primary features of our products. A lot of people have started to recognize us, and many influencers are reaching out to us. And we are definitely leveling up each year with new hair care and skin care products. So, we are looking for more and will keep providing our customers with great skin and hair experiences.”


Founded in 2018, Aegte continues to win hearts with its vegan, effective and premium makeup, skincare and haircare range for women, men & kids. In 2022, numerous makeup trends have come and gone, but a few of them have managed to stand strong to date. “Our DD Cream & Beetroot lIp & Cheek Tint is still trending in the makeup Industry. Owing to our team’s cutting-edge approach for developing results-oriented products has contributed towards the expansion of the brand over the years, both in the domestic and international markets. With the multi-purposeful formula of our vegan and natural makeup range, people are gradually trusting and leaning towards vegan & organic additives for their skin and hair.,” said Rupali Sharma, Founder of Aegte. “To sum it up, the year 2022 has been quite interesting with new successful launches and enormous positive responses. This has fuelled up our R &D team to develop assets for skin and hair with the fusion of Vegan & Cruelty-free ingredients and the intelligence of science, that fulfills more than one concern. We are aiming towards an exponential growth in the coming year with our new promising launches” concludes Rupali Sharma, Founder of Aegte.


“How has 2022 been for the brand?” Life Changing! Since Inveda believes in natural goodness, we’ve transformed the lives of people by switching to Ayurveda-based self-care practices. Lot of people are turning towards their roots, and we firmly believe skincare is the first step to self-care and we are making it healthier and nourishing with touch of Ayurveda for everyone.


It is India’s first plant-based hair and skincare brand has become synonymous to the time-tested beliefs of Ayurveda. Always pushing boundaries, the brand has come up with Mini Masking Kits that feature their bestselling masks in powder form such as Face Brightening Daily Cleanser, Exotic Face Glow Mask and Collagen Boosting Mask along with zero waste tool – Bamboo bristle application brush. True to their ethos the box is sustainability personified with plastic-free packaging, ethical sourcing and manufacturing practices.

The Tribe Concepts has once again brought to focus ingredients such as Himalayan Shilajit which is a herb that has its origins in South Asia for over 3000 years and is known to have healing and anti-aging properties. Similarly, Ashwagandha, Kasturi Manjal, Babchi etc which are found either in the great Himalayas, lush Indian forests, or the deep blue Indian seas and are a treasure trove of Ayurveda.


When the wedding bells are ringing, and the chores keep adding up, it can be difficult to maintain a skincare routine that’s effective, and preps you wonderfully for D-Day. The Body Shop Edelweiss range is your best friend this wedding season. A skincare range that works on hydrating the skin, while making it stronger and smoother with every use. The entire range consisting of a cleanser, moisturizer, sleeping mask, serum, sheet mask and face mist is enriched with Edelweiss stem cells – so you can incorporate it easily into any step of your routine! The serum is extremely potent and has 43% more antioxidant properties than retinol. Also taking away your stress is The Body Shop Gifting Range, with a variety in bath & body, haircare, skincare and fragrance they have you covered from bridesmaid invites to gifting the happy couple itself! – By Ms. Antara Kundu, General Manager of Brand relations, Marketing & Customer Acquisition, The Body Shop


Straight from the lap of nature, our name Terra means Earth and Actives translates to all the precious botanicals that empower our wellbeing. Our luxurious concept comes deeply rooted in Indian traditions, re-mastered only to meet today’s needs. Firm believers of a holistic approach to skincare, we also offer a curated collection of wellness products. Each hand-picked item on our wellness menu bears the same promise of being sourced from nature, while helping you achieve your goals of a healthier, more radiant you.


Deyga is a beauty brand that brings the goodness of nature with love and care. Every product of Deyga is ethically and organically sourced with the sole objective of providing a holistic experience to its consumers. Blended with traditional recipes, their handmade products are sustainable and made to cater to everyone’s needs. “At Deyga, we all work as a family with one goal in mind- providing the best experience to our consumers. We have been growing healthily, and we are happy to have so many satisfied customers with us. 2022 has been truly special for us as we have been producing more, reaching more people, and building an even larger and stronger family. The love and support that our growing family has been showing us has been overwhelming and is the best motivator for us to work towards our goal even harder.”


Kosmoderma Research Centre is the vertical which formulates Products for Skin, Hair and Body care. Bringing the scientific approach to the table, Kosmoderma works on one solid ground, that is, science and not trends.
Dr Chytra says, “2022 has been a great year for us, and we are looking forward to an even more awesome year ahead. People have loved our products, and their testimony is our greatest strength. Our family is growing stronger each day, and the love, support, and constant feedback of our consumers are helping us to bring more unique and holistic products to our customers. Our Kosmoderma family work as a strong team who is always ready to go that extra mile to go above the expectation of the consumers”.

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