Colors an Indian Bride must avoid.

Any Indian person will tell you that nearly everything in Indian culture is a symbol, and color is no exception: Yellow, Orange, White, and Red all have powerful symbols attached to them. Of all those colors, red is likely the most prominent. A dominant color in most religious ceremonies, red has an array of positive connotations in Indian culture. 

A bride should always wear what her heart wants, but still there are certain colours that the bride can avoid while shopping for her wedding ensemble. Read on as Farvi Motiwale Wadhwa suggests what are the three colours every Indian bride must avoid.

In my opinion, one colour which every bride should avoid is ‘brown‘, as it is not a vibrant colour. Shalini Gupta, Founder of Kaaisha by Shalini says, “Marriage is all about vibrancy, where one is up for celebration, bringing joy and happiness to one’s life, and celebrating a new beginning. Brown colour is in sync with the Indian complexion, and therefore it doesn’t enhance it, rather it merges with the Indian skin tone. The golden jewellery and polki don’t get highlighted. At a wedding, where the bride should be the highlight, the brown colour would make her look quite dull and may end up looking monotonous on the bride. Therefore, brown colour should be strictly avoided by an Indian bride.”

According to me another colour that surely can be avoided is Neon Green, a very eye catching and trending colour. Dipti Joshi, a wardrobe stylist, image consultant and a personality trainer also agrees and says, “Neon green is hot, it is eye-catching but does not fit in the marriage couture. The colour personality reflects being over possessive, envious, immature and greedy. It makes a very bold statement and can make bride look like a wall sign, which no bride would prefer to be referred to as one. Even if Neon green is balanced with hues of cream, it just does not stay submissive and demands unnecessary attention. While a lot of Generation Z feels ‘cool’ about it, and want to make a fashion statement by being different, they need to understand that their colours are said to be non-verbal communicators which express a certain mood and message to the crowd present.”7

Grey is another colour which the bride can not bother looking for. Sakshi Goel, Founder of Rent n Flaunt recommends, “Although it might look good with colorful pastel embroidery work, still overall it’s a colour that adds grimness and can make your wedding pictures dull. If you choose this color, then make sure to add brighter shade dupattas or blouses.”

The last and the most obvious color we all know and avoid is of course black. Black color on wedding day is definitely frowned upon although Millennials are obsessed with this color and want to adorn themselves on their D-DAY! “Black is believed to represent sadness, death and is not worn by many cultures during their wedding. This is even avoided in the western weddings. In some cultures, even the wedding attendees refrain from wearing black as it is a color worn during funerals and not during an auspicious day. The color black is considered inauspicious in the Hindu religion,” says Toral Chopra, Founder, TC Urban Couture.

The bold brides who would still opt for these colors are people with a unique mentality, which may not be seen cool from a social perspective. 

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