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Indian weddings are demanding an international touch. With foreign travel still limited, what best than a wholesome continental spread set in a fine dining ambience. Brides and grooms today are also looking at not only wholesome but interesting dishes breaking free from the traditional norms.

Combination of various factors, “such as world becoming a global village and the raging pandemic have given birth to a new and rapidly becoming popular trend of guests preferring  intimate but exclusive social events like cocktails, sangeet, family gatherings, weddings,” says Jasjit Singh, co-founder and business partner, La Marinate.

European cuisine which till now was preferred by only the very rich class is finding favor amongst all classes now. Jasjit further adds, “the discerning guests now prefer an exclusive, high end assortment of custom made dishes and courses from Catering agencies and Home Chefs with whom they are confident will serve them good food with aplomb.”

Another advantage of gourmet catering companies is that keeping in mind guest requirements, dishes can be custom made gluten free, vegan and the like without compromising on taste and presentation. Guests can be ensured of authentic flavors, exceptional food prepared in house by hand, using the finest quality ingredients.

With a range of classic and innovative dishes, “some of La Marinate’s savoured signature dishes are: Croquettes, Hand rolled Pastas, Avocado mousse / Chicken liver Parfait on crostini, New Zealand Lamb Chops, Pressed confit chicken and Jackfruit / chicken / pulled pork / fish / prawn Tacos,” recommends Jasjit.

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