Glitz & Glam in the Wedding Trousseau. 

With the wedding season setting in, people are looking for ways to make their look more glamorous. Any traditional Indian wedding is incomplete without the grandeur of jewelry. FARVI MOTIWALE WADHWA says include opulent jewelry from these brands and add the much-needed glitz and glam to your outfit and accentuate your look!

KD Gold & Diamonds

For more than 85 years, KD Gold & Diamonds has dressed the brides of India for the most precious moment in their lives. One of the country’s leading houses of jewelry, they are renowned for their enduring legacy, craftsmanship, design sensibility and above all, the trust that they infuse in each of their offerings.

From contemporary to heritage jewellery, their bridal pieces are exquisite stories told in pure gold featuring regional as well as modern motifs that have stood the test of time. Every KD Gold & Diamonds piece is crafted to create a sense of sentimentalism evoking myths and modern legend alike.

Whether it be the quintessential Raani Haar, the contemporary Kundala, traditional heavyset Chood, delicate Natha or the regal Chandra Haar, their 85-year-old legacy hosts a collection of gorgeous gold jewellery that romanticises Indian weddings and rituals through a modern aesthetic.

Starting from a boutique showroom in Baripada, Odisha, today KD Gold & Diamonds adorns the bridal trousseau of women across the world. However, their speciality is the sense of homely worldliness and feeling of family that they infuse in their approach to bridal jewellery. With wedding shopping a large part of D-day, KD Gold & Diamonds is known to make their patrons feel like they are entrusting their finery and faith with the family jewellers. Mothers, daughters and sisters alike will feel special wearing their wedding jewellery featuring stunning designs in gold, diamonds and precious stones brought to life by a team of amazingly intuitive designers and craftsmen.

Dressed in the finery of her dreams, the KD Gold & Diamonds bride is a muse whose earthiness, elegance and beauty are at par with Indian femininity and culture.

House Of Tuhina

House of Tuhina amalgamates the past, present and the future to render

them timeless. The brand draws inspiration from everything beautiful that Indian Design has to offer. The world is yet to discover the immense power of Indian design and House Of Tuhina offers this while keeping it’s global audience in mind. It strives to retain the innate nature of each raw material used toconceive designs, which are undisputedly authentic. And so, they promise that the products are unprecedented. The styles seem effortless yet exude elegance. Working directly with skilled craftsmen, each product is an honest effort towards providing you with sheer beauty.

Everything that is beautiful is the inspiration for our products. From a random trim on a roadside cart to a piece of royal antique artwork can be the inspiration for our brand. All of their products have a global appeal, since we strive to make each piece timeless, a person can wear it after 20 years and it will still hold the same uniqueness.

Born on the cloud, is for the contemporary bride who is bold, vivacious and untamed. Culturally rooted yet free-spirited, the bride is a modern muse whose taste is as pure as gold. Poetic, artistic, artsy and playful, she dresses herself with the flair of someone who understands where she comes from and where she is going – towards a world of beauty, glory and glamour. Made for the bride who likes to be edgy, every piece is a statement designed for the woman of today. Featuring colourful silhouettes, one-of-a-kind motifs and worldly craftsmanship, every collection from is a work of art, master-crafted for a bridal trousseau that is versatile and modern. Featuring unique enamel work in pastel palettes and fine filigree work that is reminiscent of the delicate Indian Zari or Zardozi motif, their Enchanted Gates collection is perfect for the sophisticated bride. Embedded with a cluster of glam stones in powerful and statement-making silhouettes, is known for their bold amalgamation of western and Indian aesthetics to create works of art that defy tradition. Designed to perfection, their chandelier earrings and queenly necklaces are a sight to behold with littering silhouettes and futuristic appeal. They believe that jewelry is a deeply personal expression of the self and their design sensibility reflects that vision to perfection. They are known to watch, listen and craft carefully to bring the wearer’s story to life which is where the name comes from.

Young, arresting, chic and versatile they are the jewelers to the bold bride who isn’t afraid to ask for what she wants and knows how to make it happen.

Phiroza by Tanya Anand 

PHIROZA is the color of the skies and the ocean, embodying its infinite vastness. The mystic enormity of the color is the source of our inspiration, a therapeutic place to be amidst the chaos, life sometimes can be. “Our range displays an extraordinary exhibit of wide ranging designs for your every mood – the lazy Sunday mornings when the time seems to drag and you can’t have enough of it, engulfed by the aroma of freshly cut grass, reading a book. Or the days when you are all about the sass and put on a winged eyeliner. We have got all your moods covered with our collection,” says Tanya.

Something you can wear while enjoying a cup of coffee, feeling beautiful and falling in love with the small moments in life. Let the breezy comfort and precise glam lit up your soul. Lean back, set the mood and get ready to face the world. Add some sparkle to your power suits or just dress up for yourself, sipping on a glass of wine swaying to Lana Del Rey’s songs. Their designs are fit for the modern women who have a hint of traditional essence deep down the bottom of her hearts and are created for women who love to travel and explore, have a coming back home. PHIROZA boasts of use of luxurious materials fused together in a symphony of intricacy and craftsmanship. We make jewelry that stands the test of time and is meant to be cherished now and forever.

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