Guide to Planning the Perfect Photoshoot with your #BrideSquad

Guide to Planning the Perfect Photoshoot with your #BrideSquad

Every bride wants their wedding day to be captured in a picture-perfect way! Need some inspiration for a fun-filled photoshoot with your loved ones? Don’t worry brides, we’ve got you covered! We’ve come up with an extensive list of ideas for the perfect photoshoot. Need inspiration or just want to look at some cool photos? Look no further! Here are 10 of our favourite picture-perfect trends.

1. When’s the pyjama party happening?
No hard and fast rule that pictures must be taken only in your pristine wedding dress. Honestly, it’s so much more fun to have your own little photoshoot while literally being in pyjamas. Comfy is the new sexy after all. Inform your photographer to come a little earlier than planned and take lively candids while you’re trying to get ready!

2. A cup of coffee anyone?
No, this is not a first-date idea but rather a unique suggestion to have your photo shoot in a coffee place. Are you someone who loves coffee, will lounge in a cafe and pretend to do some work? Then incorporate those feels in your bridal shoot.

3. A pool party is all you need
If your wedding venue has a pool, this is the perfect idea for you! Throw on your favourite swimwear, call your friends, play some loud music and start the party.

4. Four more shots please!

It just hit you that you’re getting married so you need to sit down and get yourself a drink. Meanwhile, your squad will take any excuse to pop that champagne bottle. Now, you’re reevaluating your choice of friends because they seem like they’re all in it just for the free booze. But assure you, this is just an act of celebration.

5. The first reveal!
Usually, your first reveal is with your soon-to-be spouse or family members. But you decide they can wait because you need your girls’ confirmation first. “The makeup is not too cakey no? Is my hair alright? Which side of my face do you think looks better? OMG, where’s my bouquet!” It’s pretty obvious at this point that you need your friends to survive.

6. Feeling like a gangster?

Your elegant and sophisticated wedding dress cannot take away your cool girl vibe. This includes your mannerism, your swag, your jacket and of course, your shades. You can’t stop yourself from unravelling your well-put hair bun, ruffling through your hair and putting on your cool glasses. You’re like the bride that says, “Yeah I know I’m in traditional attire but where is my black jacket man?”

7. Born to be Vogue
Are you able to make stunning, eye-catching expressions as soon as someone says ‘pose’? Are you naturally photogenic and not afraid to do your thing in front of the camera? Then congratulations my bride, you’re born to be Vogue. Have the most interesting magazine-like photoshoot with your squad who will not shy away from the camera!

8. Be treated like a queen!

“Yes yes, I understand that you’ve been with your guests all day in a heavy ghagra and uncomfortable footwear. I also understand that you’re hungry, tired and sleep-deprived. So, just for today, I repeat, just for today. I will take utmost care of you as your so-called nice friend. But from tomorrow onwards, I will go back to annoying you. Deal?”

9. For all the foodies out there

Are you a true foodie who knows all the hidden restaurants in any locality? Then, we’re sure you are the kind of bride who spent most of your budget on good catering and cake. You thought you would be able to enjoy your meal in peace but much to your disappointment, you’re too busy for that. You also have a photo shoot with your squad next on the schedule. But you came up with a brilliant decision to eat while you’re taking candids with your girls!

10. The Minimalist

Are you someone who lives in the moment without dictating your actions for just a photo? You want to be present in every part of your wedding and not worry about how the pictures will turn out. You wish to enjoy your day to the fullest with your loved ones. But just for one photo maybe? To commemorate the event? You agree to a simple yet classic shot. You are the OG bride.

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