Inside Santa’s Big Red Bag

With Christmas bells jingling our doorbells, we are all on the lookout for the perfect 10/10 gift for the little ones in our lives. And what better than a gift that betters their childhood and safeguards their future Writing letters to Santa Claus well in advance, giving a repertoire of the year, addressing the envelope to Santa in The North Pole, affixing a stamp on the right corner of the envelope, waiting for Santa to read the list, check it twice, and to assess whether the child has been naughty or nice, is the first part of Christmas that involves children in the whole X-mas fun shenanigans. Many kids have grown up believing in the existence of Santa, because they associate it with the gifts that they receive in their stockings.

Here are our picks for the best gifts you Santa’s can present your little ones this Christmas

Handcrafted Kids Soaps from Yellow Your Essentials

Gift your kids hand-crafted soaps that are infused with the goodness, fragrance and richness of natural ingredients- all from the roots of nature for an indulging and fun-filled bath experience. Loaded with skin-conditioners, the soap-bars work towards giving your child a soft, moisturised and glowing skin, healing all the winter dryness. So uplift your mood and get ready to make every bath of your child a highlight of your day! Yellow Your Essentials is an organic home-grown dealing in all self-care products.

Chocolates from Smoor

Since ages, chocolates have acted as a reward for good behavior, and to lure children. Chocolate bars that get gooey and just melt in their hands, chocolates filled with jelly, caramel, or loaded with fruits and nuts, wafers coated with chocolate, chocolate cakes and beverages, chocolate boxes and hampers. The list seems endless, because chocolate is not just delicious, decadent, delightful, delectable; it is extremely versatile. Baking is big during Christmas with chocolate cupcakes with chocolate cream, and brownies emerging as winners. Triple-choc donuts fly from the shelves sooner than they get made. The Christmas classics like plum cake are reserved more for the mature palates, but when it comes to children, there’s nothing to beat chocolate.

UrbanBed Folding Bed from YouCare Lifestyle by Luke Coutinho 

As Christmas rapidly approaches, parents everywhere are searching for the perfect gift for their kids. While the standard toys and books are always exciting, why not give your child something a little more special this holiday season? The UrbanBed Folding Bed is the perfect gift for your child this Christmas! The UrbanBed Folding Beds are great gifts as they can be used anytime, anywhere and they take up minimal space when not in use. It also provides a comfortable sleeping area for your kids, so they can sleep well and have a good night’s rest.


Christmas is that time of the year when kids are most excited about gifts. As parents, you gift your kids their favorite toys in the holiday season, but how beneficial are those? Instead, gifting them DIY kits can do wonders for them. It helps them innovate and think out of the box. The DIY kits develop their problem-solving, logical thinking, critical thinking, cognitive skills, and much more. You can make your kid’s holidays productive, and they will learn to implement their knowledge in real life rather than just studying concepts in theory.

Matching family Christmas pajamas from Mackly

It not only gets the entire family feeling festive but coordinating outfits lend themselves to the perfect holiday card to send to all of your near and dear ones. It’s a cool way to get a head start on the festivities, and there are plenty of funky and cute designs to choose from! Besides being trendy, the fabric also helps to keep the body warm in winter and you can easily carry this nightwear on your holidays too. Moreover, the collection has been designed keeping in mind the style quotient and integrating kid-friendly Christmas-themed prints. This year, you can get your hands on comfy and cute Christmas-themed pajamas for your little ones.

Baby Bath Essentials from Citta

Harsh winter winds can make your baby’s skin and hair excessively dry. It is extremely important to choose the right bathing products that prevent dehydration. CITTA’s Tender Foaming Baby Wash (Body Wash for babies) and Gentle Foaming Baby Shampoo are designed to gently cleanse your baby’s skin, scalp, and hair without drying them off. They are enriched with natural ingredients to nourish, hydrate, and condition your baby’s skin and hair while gently cleansing them. Both the products are designed to be mild on your baby. They are free from harsh chemicals such as parabens, sulphates, silicones, mineral oils, toxins and allergens. The no-drip foaming technology makes baby bath time fuss-free and convenient for parents and its no-tears formula with natural actives make it fun for your baby!

Smartwatch from Fitshot

Priced at 3,499/- The Fitshot Flair smartwatch is a perfect for secret Santa gift this Xmas as its specifically made for women since they value elegance and design. The Flair is a fantastic present for young girls due to its outstanding features including changing watch faces, fusing technology and beauty requirements, and being comfortable enough to wear all day. The wristwatch delivers recommendations by advising its wearer to wear a hat, sunglasses, or sunscreen based on the sun’s determined UV index. With a variety of health features to track everyday activities, Fitshot Flair is made for ladies who are constantly on the move. You don’t need to be concerned about the battery life because it offers more than 10 Days of continuous use on just one charge. This device has a 365-day warranty against manufacturing defects.

Modicare’s Soul Pops Candy

Take your kid for a flavorful ride and enjoy the combined fruit flavors that are both sweet and tart with Soul Pops Candy by Modicare. These center-filled candies with sweet & spicy masala will delight your kids’ senses. At just Rs.50/- each, these candies are available in 5 delicious flavors – Fruit Chaat, Masala Soda, Gazab Guava, Chatpata Orange, and Kaccha Aam.

Planet Care Bundle from Beco

Beco’s 100% natural and plant-based products offer the perfect ‘starter’ green gift. These are safe for kids as they contain no added chemicals, have 0% plastic, are gentle, and anti-bacterial. While we’ve long heard that the Earth is borrowed from our children, now is the time to take charge and begin teaching them sustainable habits that they will carry with them for life. In the true holiday spirit of giving joy, let us actively include sustainable practices as we teach our kids to give back joy to mother nature. 

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