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Ketaki is a highly gifted and multidisciplinary Indian star performer- singer/songwriter & actress. Ketaki is one of the extremely few who has amazing talent in both music and acting. Ketaki has made her mark in both the two performing skills at a young age. Ketaki as an actress is an innately talented performer.  She received her talent for acting from her grandfather and father. When she performed “Shirodkar” in her debut film “Shaala,” her lovely smile and charming looks captivated millions of hearts. The picture later won the National Award. Since then, Ketaki has given several significant performances, notably Uma in “KakSparsh,” “Taani” and “Prajakta” in “Time Pass,” the Marathi (Indian) Film Industry’s biggest hit at the time. Ketaki, a singer, was born into a musical family and took lessons from her parents at the age of three. Her desire for music was evident at the time. Her first studio session for an audio CD took place when she was only six years old. Since then, Ketaki has never looked back. While she started to play in live performances and studio recordings at a young age, she also worked hard to establish a solid base in classical singing. Ketaki’s hard work has helped her establish as a Playback Singer. She is the first and the youngest performer to win a Filmfare Award as a playback singer in Marathi. While Ketaki has always sung for herself, she has given her voice to many leading actress of the industry.

Read on for some more interesting and engrossing details that not many know about her.

I was just reading about you online. You are a singer, you are an actor, you are a performer. You have done it all. So, what’s your next step then?

Well, to keep doing what I’m doing right now, and at the same time, I would say, to give in the best, best possible way through my art, because that’s what I believe in. I think what I’m doing right now is with utmost honesty, and I’m loving my work. So, every single day, whatever I’m trying to create in the form of music or acting or anything, it’s just to give basically that’s my message.

So what do you love the most? the acting part or the singing or writing songs? What is your favorite hobby?

Well, actually it’s tough to answer because (a) when I’m acting, singing for myself, and when I’m singing for myself, because I know the character. I know, while I’m singing, for whom I’m saying it’s just me and when I’m writing it’s completely different. I don’t write or compose for films. Right now, I’m releasing my own songs. So, it pretty much tells my own perspective towards life and also, well I’m much more into independent music as a composer.

So, tell us which is your favorite song like what is it you listen to every single day, one of yours? Yours or anyone else’s whatever. First let’s go with your favorite, from your album.

From my album? Oh my god I’m very much critical about my own songs. Because when somebody’s playing, I’m like, I know like, sometimes I’m never satisfied with my work because every single day I feel like I could have done better, better, better, the rest of my life. I feel like it’s very important to not be satisfied and be greedy about getting perfection. So as a composition, I like Priyakara, I also like a song that I recently recorded for Amit Raj and it’s yet to be released. So, I’m very excited about that.

So, on a scale of 10 How excited are you about your life right now?

I’m thrilled. I’m actually thrilled because especially this year I would say in terms of work, I’m very satisfied. I’m very happy because I did back-to-back two films. And not just because I’m doing work. It’s apart from work. What I’m learning about life like last year has been tough for me personally. Because I lost my brother. But I would say after that the way my family and everything we have been so much together in this my friends, people who are close to me, I realize the importance of life and loving yourself apart from that because sometimes we are so much into critics, so much into getting critical about your work yourself. And in this competition, you just don’t take a while and just realize that how grateful you are, the good things about you so past year was very much learning and educative. But this year I would say I’m past that and I’m having this whole new perspective towards life. So, I’m very excited and happy about life.

Okay, so when you enter the studio, what was the first impression like if you had to define our studio in one word, what would that be?

I would say okay, I’m trying to find the right words because I usually have a good vocabulary. So, it’s serene and very, positive. It’s beautiful, because I would say it should define who the person is. And as I know Shreya, I know her very well we have worked together and she’s super creative until last moment she’s like, okay, let’s add this, let’s do this. Let’s do that. So, I can see that you know, and what I can see is she has a big heart. And at the same time, she’s being a very creative person. I can see that she loves nature, and she loves a great view, which I do as well. So, I can see why she has chosen this place. And I love that and it’s white.

If you have a chance to describe yourself in a hashtag what would that be?

Oh, hashtag successful today, that will be too much of prideful in saying that. Yeah, but I should say I mean, humbly I would say successful and at the same time hashtag empowered.

If you have a chance to perform a romantic scene with any celebrity on this earth, Who would that be?

I would say Keanu Reeves. Because I love him. I think first movie I saw of him was speed. And I love Sandra Bullock. But I loved him in that film. I just love his acting apart from that, not just his acting but as a human being he’s just amazing. And he has gone through so much in life, but still the positivity he has, and he gives to the people. That’s what inspires me. So, I’ll name him.

Any Indian celebrity if you get a chance to?

Shahrukh khan.

What would you rather win a lottery or find true love in your life?


Let’s make it a little more technical. If you have a chance to win a 100 Crore lottery or find true love, what would you choose?

Okay, if you say you get to earn 100 crores then I would say still earning is fine, lottery is no fun there is no story behind when you just put a coin in the machine and you win the lottery. There’s no fun in that. So, I would obviously say I’m a very romantic person at heart, any time, true love because I’m very hard to get.

What has been like the most embarrassing moment in public you have ever faced.

Well, I think right after the concert, but that was because My leg got twisted. And I don’t know if there’s some nerve or something that goes directly to your brain or something. But I thought it was an embarrassing experience for me, but the public was so sweet. Some were giving chocolates and like they are very sweet. So, the fans are always sweet. So, that wasn’t so much of an embarrassment for me.

We would like to know more about your wakeup rituals.

The first thing that I do is riyaas, and then meditation. I like meditating. That’s something that I never did well. I’ve developed meditation in COVID. Actually, my best friend and we used to do zoom call, and then we used to do meditation. We started with 10 minutes and now I do 45 minutes to an hour.

Do you have any bedtime routine?

I love reading I am bookish nerd I would say I love reading and my mom makes fun like you have this hole in your bed. Kiki What are you doing? Just get out of your bed. So before sleeping I read a lot.

Not many people are successful and cannot reach the heights so it’s easy to be cherished and to reach and work hard, right?

Thank you so much. I feel nice for me to heal the world by Michael Jackson. Because that’s something I really want to do and I believe in because there’s like this one word, career. I think music or any art form is beyond that. And for me from my guru, what they have taught me is music is just a path to reach God. It’s the easiest path. If you’re a singer. That’s what you say. And I feel if you’re sharing that happiness that you get with hundreds and 1000s of people. And apart from that, if you do something genuinely for the humanity, then it’s worth otherwise this career is a very limited word. So yeah.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I don’t go by the physical appearance or the outer thing. Because there’s so much more to explore in a person and I would say I don’t care about looks, the First thing I get attracted to is any kind of intelligence. I love that I get attracted to it. But the most important thing I find is how generous and understanding a person is.

What would be an ideal date for you?

Ideal date? I am a water baby. So, I would say movie, to me personally it’s not possible. in the middle of the ocean, on a yacht or something in a piece of land anywhere. It’s just the era.

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