Momtrepreneur: Moms on the Go

A woman who actively strikes a balance between being an entrepreneur and a mother is known as a momtrepreneur. Around 1994 saw the introduction of the term. She barely has time to take a shower because of the children, the house, and her job. Therefore, it makes sense that some of the most successful entrepreneurs are Moms, because they have a lot of experience working under pressure and juggling multiple tasks. In fact, women own at least four out of every ten new businesses.

Why are women so successful in business despite being mothers? Also, for what reason do they decide to begin their own organizations as opposed to taking the corporate course? Let’s hear it from India’s most successful Momtrepreneurs.

Momtrepreneur Anuradha Gupta

She is the founder of Vows For Eternity, a niche, bespoke matchmaking company for the global Indian. She has always had a career, since she was in her 20’s and she always wanted to be an entrepreneur. She dabbled in small business ideas from a young age and that was an influence from her own father, who was a businessman. Children entered her life after she became an entrepreneur, and she can’t deny that it is a difficult juggling act. She has twins and a business, and they are all her babies, she wants to give them equal time, care and love as they grow and evolve, but sometimes that’s not possible.

She does her best to balance the demands on her time, and those around her have learned to respect her desire to give everyone equal care. Her children will grow up knowing that their mother is a multi-tasker who doesn’t always achieve the balance she desires, but always strives for the best. She may fail and fall, but she always gets back up and keeps going. She hopes that both her children and her business will thrive in a world where they can function with her support or without it.

Pro Tip: 

Success to me is watching my business grow, see my children flourish in what they want and me finding time for both as I see fit and possible. Having office space that gives me time to think and ideate has been integral to defining a space where I don’t bump into Lego or dolls. Setting myself hours in which I spend time on myself, or family is also helpful otherwise a business can take over all your mind space. Ultimately, you need to see who needs you more on a given day and walk the tightrope to the best of your efforts!

Momtrepreneur Lubna Mirza

Lubna Mirza, a proud Momtreprenuer and the founder of Shawl Story. A graduate in Mass Communication, Lubna had always been interested in handcrafted artifacts, even while carving a niche in customer relationships during her tenure at HCL. But it was with the unwavering support of her husband and parents that she embarked on a mission to revive and showcase the exquisite craftsmanship of her community’s Rafoogars, known for their 230 years old embroidery and weaving skills, passed down through generations. Lubna’s journey started when her elder son was only 3 years old. Initially, she found it challenging to balance work and motherhood. However, her determination to make a difference and her passion for preserving the heritage of the Rafoogar community fueled her efforts. 

Starting Shawl Story was not easy, and Lubna’s journey as a momtreprenuer has been filled with challenges and triumphs. Today, she is a proud mother of two boys, aged 12 and 7, and she finds fulfillment in seeing the smiles on the faces of the Rafoogar artisans and the global recognition their craft receives. Lubna’s passion, determination, and commitment to her community’s heritage have made her a beacon of inspiration in the world of entrepreneurship.

Pro Tip:

Remembering where she comes from keeps her grounded and guides her towards a successful journey with a strong foundation. She believes in preserving tradition while progressing with the trend, and being open to learning, growing, and improving. This mantra has been the key to her success as she continues to build her brand and make a mark in the industry. Her commitment to her heritage and her willingness to adapt and evolve have been crucial in her entrepreneurial journey.

Momtrepreneur Zahra Jani

Zahra Jani, the powerhouse homemaker, mother, and creator of the page “Being Mom and Beyond” is here to remind you that there is life beyond motherhood. Encouraging mothers to pursue their ambitions and passions and live a well-rounded life, she has built a community of over 60k+ followers who love her entertaining and relatable content on parenting tips, fitness, beauty, and lifestyle. Her dedication towards her aim has received recognition, including the Women Influencer of the Year award at the #WomenPreneurAwards2023, a feature in “Humans of Bombay” and “99 Women Achievers of India” in 2020, cementing her status as an inspiration for like-minded mothers.

Pro tip:

The road to success is never easy, but with belief in yourself and unwavering determination, you can overcome any obstacle and achieve your dreams. Keep pushing forward, and never give up.

Momtrepreneur Ranjita Shaw

After almost 2 decades of experience in hospitality, luxury lifestyle, wellness, tourism and investment banking, Ranjita launched her boutique PR Firm – Thershaw in 2021. A month later, she found out about her pregnancy and started her motherhood journey donning both hats – that of an entrepreneur and of a mother. Having worked with leading global and Indian organizations like Hyatt, ING, IHCL, The Oberoi Group and Roseate Hotels & Resorts which she launched in India and UK, she had built a repute and carved a niche in the hospitality, travel and lifestyle space. Ranjita is extensively travelled, being raised in France, India and South Africa and a multilingual. She enjoys history, art and local cultural experiences. Ranjita is vocal about pressing issues like climate change, deforestation, poverty, women’s and children’s rights. She supports Football for Peace, U.K. (affiliated with United Nations) as its Indian Executive Committee Member. She is also a part of WICCI Hotels & Restaurants, India.

Pro Tip:

Fall, cry but pick yourself up with your head high and try again because it isn’t about winning but bettering yourself from yesterday.

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