Piece of Cake: Wedding Cakes of the Season

Don’t you just dream about cake sometimes? A good cake never fails to bring a smile to people’s faces. They’re automatic mood boosters. If you’re like us, then cake is one of the most enjoyable foods you’ve ever eaten. “Place a soft sponge on the turn table, add some simple syrup, dollop luscious buttercream, garnish with beautiful decorations, cut a slice and have the most heavenly bite ever.” Old or young, cake makes everyone happy. There’s something for everyone—simple vanilla cake, cherry chocolate black forest, spiced masala tea cake, milk tres leches and the list goes on. It’s inevitable that cake is a fan favourite or in this context a guest favourite. If you are a foodie who loves cake and you want that to be the highlight of your wedding, keep reading our hot take on wedding cakes this session.

1. The ‘Bold & Boujee’ Cake
Bold & Boujee are quirky couples who think of their cakes as a canvas. They want their cakes to be artwork, the statement piece of their wedding. It’s wild, free and different. The ‘Bold & Boujee’ cake plays with sizes like the acrylic cake with separated tiers and see-through pillars in between or the deconstructed cake, a massive cake into multiple gateaus. It experiments with colour—marble, watercolour, metallic, ombre etc. It’s eccentric with decorations like sugar isomalt, chocolate brushstrokes or even better, jewellery-matching crystalized geodes. This cake catches the attention of the viewers, leaving them in awe. It not only looks absolutely stunning but also tastes remarkably delicious.

2. The ‘Floral’ Cake
Flowers are one of nature’s best creations. They come in various types and colours, each with a symbolic meaning. Flowers are perfect for a celebratory event or a romantic evening. Isn’t it really heartwarming if someone gives you a flower? The ‘Floral’ Cake aims to give the same mood but with ethereal blooms. This cake is elegant, charming and pristine. It also suits very well for a boho-themed wedding or a garden, nature-inspired wedding. Decorate your cake with real fragrant flowers or realistic sugar flowers. If you’re someone reflecting on sustainability, use local organic flowers or dried flowers. A recent trend is using simple edible pressed flowers making your cake look like a book with multiple flower bookmarks stuck on it.

3. The ‘Minimal’ Cake
Less is more. Minimalism has been the most prominent design movement in this decade and that applies to cake as well. It draws motivation from design boards with abstract, modern and minimal elements. Cake artists create a splash of colour with muted, pastel or neutral tones. This cake is clean and modest. Even though it’s with simple elements, there’s something serene and aesthetic about this cake. A trend at the moment is semi-naked cakes which have barely any icing on them giving them a rather rustic look. Another is single-tier cakes for couples having an intimate close wedding. The hype right now is individual mini cakes which are super cute and highly customisable in terms of flavour and design. Every guest gets one mini cake all to themselves.

4. The ‘Impressionist’ Cake
This cake is a real work of art drawing inspiration from impressionist artists of the late 1800s. Some of the artists at that time were Monet, Renoir and Van Gogh who painted outside their usual studios—en plain air. They had to move quickly to capture the light, so their strokes were imprecise, hurried and spontaneous. They used palette knives and oil paint to give a 3D effect on a 2D surface. Cake designers use this technique as well but with buttercream. Buttercream works similar to oil paint in a way that it doesn’t dry out too quickly and blends well. This style is different from normal cake decorating but once mastered, it gives the cake an intriguing and unique effect which is sure to be the highlight of your wedding.

5. The ‘Alternative’ Cake
There is no hard and fast rule that a wedding needs to have a cake. Often at times, couples opt for alternative dessert options that they both enjoy. It could be brownie or doughnut towers, pies, cheesecake displays, cookies or cupcake boxes. One may also choose to set up a ‘dessert table’ with an assortment of sweets for guests to enjoy. Keeping the guests in mind, ‘personalised wedding cookies’ took 2021 by storm. Whether it be dessert tables or personalised cookies, they add a great variety to the wedding along with a personal touch. Even if the couple wants a cake but with other kinds of decoration, the macaron cake is quite popular. Captivating macarons are used to decorate a cake in a cascading way or a tall tower. This is a great option when you want your dessert choices to reflect your wedding, they look unique, unlike no other.

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