Savvy Sangeet Trends

A wedding is never complete without a sangeet! Even though some cultures don’t traditionally have the concept of sangeet like in South-Indian weddings, they are gaining popularity now.
A sangeet is a celebratory event right before the wedding which translates to “sing together” in Sanskrit. This musical night brings not only the couple together but also their families closer. It’s the event to mingle, bond and have fun together. It’s a prominent ritual followed in North India, Punjab and Gujarat while becoming popular in the South as well. It’s arguably one of the best moments of a wedding, where you can dance and sing your heart out. But is dancing and singing all there is to sangeet, we think not! Down below are 5 interesting activities you can do to spice up your sangeet!

1. Play a Fun Game!

Remember playing Dumb Charades entertaining in school? Bring back the joy of simpler times by adding nostalgic childhood activities at your wedding for everyone to enjoy! To take things one step further, introduce dance to the game where teams of two have to dance iconic moves for the opposite team to guess. You’ll have everyone swinging off their feet.

2. Whose Shoe Is This?

Nothing is more amusing than a ‘This or That’ game. The bride and groom are seated in a way with their backs together. They exchange one shoe of theirs with each other. An emcee, host or even a guest asks a list of questions, and the couple has to respond with the bride’s or the groom’s shoe.“ Who is the extroverted one? Groom’s shoe. Who prefers watching horror movies? Bride’s shoe ”.

3. Tug of War

Tired of sitting around looking at performances? Get real with this test of strength and might. This game is especially perfect for an outdoor Sangeet. Either play this game—bride’s family vs groom’s family or girls vs boys. Pick a sturdy rope, ignite the fire within you and get to work. In the end, no matter the result, it is sure to excite laughs all around.

4. And the Award Goes To…

This is probably the best event for the couple’s families to know each other better. Who has the best smile? Who was the teacher’s pet? Who snuck out the most? Who always followed trends to the core? The list of award categories is endless. The best thing about this game is its individuality and creativity. No two weddings will have the same list of categories which will make it the most memorable show of the night.

5. Best Man’s & Best Maid of Honour’s Speeches

Who better knows you well than your very own best friend? We’re sure your best pal is still in shock that you’re getting married which only adds to his/her speech. Comedic? Sentimental? Sarcastic? Heartfelt? Whichever it may be, you will have a tear in your eye. Along with family are friends who have stayed beside you thick and thin, so for sure this is going to be an emotional event. Embrace the happiness and sadness, and have an unforgettable evening with your loved ones.

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