Unconventional Colour Palettes for Your Dream Wedding

Unconventional Palettes for Your Wedding

Colour has the power to transform an ordinary black-and-white piece into an extraordinary element of depth, surprise, contrast and feel. From fiery reds to cool blues, emerald green to shocking pink, colour sets the vibe and tone of your wedding. Are you a radiant bride? Are you a subtle bride? Are you a spring bride? Are you a fall bride? Colour can take simple objects like cutlery, curtains and flowers and blend them into a cohesive collection which adds to the mood of the wedding.

Traditional colours are stunning on their own as they work so well together. We have all seen the reds, the yellows, the golds or the combination of whites and blues at weddings. But how about, stepping away from the conventional path and playing a bit with whimsical hues? Thinking about adding your flair to your wedding, your individuality, your uniqueness, your colour? We’ve got your back!

1) Rust and Cream
Looking for a retro vibe in the fall season? Rust and Cream work perfectly with each other. Rusta means redness; rust is not a single shade but a small family of hues. It doesn’t stray too far away from the traditional red and complements well with that kind of whitish cream. It’s chic and bold yet comforting and inviting. Overall it’s a balanced palette. If you’re going with an earthy, bohemian style, we highly recommend using rust and cream.

2) Navy Blue and Gold
Are you a calm, sophisticated person with a hint of elegance and charm then, navy blue and gold work perfectly for your wedding. Blue represents stability and serenity while gold, luxury and prosperity. This colour palette also has a sort of nautical vibe to it. One may think of a story of pirates exploring the vast seas in search of a treasure chest. “Beyond the horizon, all I see is blue. Nevertheless, I will find my gold.”

3) Forest Green and White
Are you a sage stuck in city light? Do you dream of having a great escape to the woods, to be away from the hustle and bustle, to sit in nature’s company? Make this possible on your special day with forest greens and white. Bring a nature-inspired motif to your wedding giving it a rustic, woodland feel. One would feel nothing but ease at your wedding. If someone would have to describe your wedding, they would say “Light, refreshing like having a mint lemonade.”

4) Raspberry and Soft Grey
This colour combination strikes an appealing balance between a striking and neutral hue. Grey doesn’t have to be a boring colour but rather provides a soft background for the conspicuous pink to shine. This colour palette directs all attention to a centre point. Are you someone who is direct, straightforward and catches everyone’s attention? Then, raspberry and grey work brilliantly for your wedding. You’re the main protagonist of this story who romanticizes life.

5) Salmon Hues
Is this combination extremely unconventional? Yes, but you’re that person who will make anything work as you’re open to trying anything and everything (even a salmon colour palette). You radiate a happy, sunshine aura which fits well with your pink personality. Your wedding is bound to be a fun one with this colour palette. And if we may make a prediction, we say that you will not leave the dance floor.

6) Black Beauty
“Behind the closed door, there lies a secret, a mystery. Thread no further. But you, I know you. You’re courageous violet self will step into the black darkness.” The bride-to-be is a moody, bold, dramatic one who carries a mysterious presence. Her wedding is like no other, breaking all stereotypes and unshackling social stigma. She believes she needn’t wear a white dress but rather a black one.

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