Valentine’s Day: Gifting Ideas based on Zodiac Sign

Sidhharrth S Kumaar

With the onset of February, the celebration of Love and Romance is near. On 14th February, couples will celebrate the special connection they share by showering their partner with gratitude, affection, and of course, gifts.

Whether you are in the beginning stages of dating or a long-term relationship, it’s always confusing to find out how to make your partner feel special like never before. As choices vary from person to person, it’s better to search for the answers via Astrology.

According to Astrology, each person has a unique set of likes and dislikes based on their date of birth. To prepare the best Valentine’s Day plan for your beau, here is what your partner desires to be gifted on this Valentine’s Day, based on their Zodiac Sign:

1. Aries

Ruled by the fiery Mars, Aries thrives on winning. They continually throw themselves challenges as it keeps them excited. But the constant stress also results in headaches and migraines. There’s nothing that an Arian loves more than a head massage. Along with it, they would also like soothing gifts like a spa treatment, weighted blanket, or a musical instrument.

2. Tauras

The sensual sign is ruled by Venus, the God of Beauty, Prosperity, and Intimacy. As it’s an earth sign, people belonging to this zodiac are fond of things they can touch, feel and smell. The perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas for them will be from the finer things in life. Such as red wine, exquisite food, or a luxury perfume whose lingering scent reminds them of you.

3. Gemini

The socialite of the zodiac comes with a bunch of different personalities. They have a diverse friend group, and they love to be the showstopper. For Valentine’s Day, they desire gifts they can flaunt. Something like a polaroid camera, the latest gadgets or games that make them the life of the party.

4. Cancer

Represented by the crab, the water sign feels safe in its comfort zone. You will find these nurturing beings spending most of their free time at home. For their love of comfort, they like gifts like warm blankets and white bed sheets.  Personalized jewelry is something special that will definitely win their heart.

5. Leo

You can’t expect a Leo to like mediocre presents. They have eyes for larger-than-life things. Ruled by the sun, the fire sign sprinkles sunshine on their partner and desires the same in return. A gold necklace, bracelet, or statement ring is their top favorite. High-quality silk clothing and imported shoes or heels ring the bells as well.

6. Virgo

The highly organized Virgo has an inclination towards self-care and wellness. If nothing, they love to be pampered but in a way they like. This Valentine’s Day, getting surprised with an elaborate skincare routine product, yoga membership, spa session, and a wallet or a handbag will strengthen their love for the beau.

7. Libra

The zodiac of balance is also ruled by the planet of beauty and luxury, “Venus”. Hence, they prefer symmetry, beauty, and aesthetics over anything else. Aesthetically pleasing scented candles, bath salts, earrings, makeup, and watches are the most alluring Valentine’s Day gift choices for them.

8. Scorpio

Figuring out what the Scorpion secretly wants for Valentine’s Day is tricky. But one thing is certain about the mysterious zodiac sign – they are passionate about love, career, and fitness. From sports clothes to sexy lingerie, fitness gadgets to sex toys, black clothing to self-help books, it’s really easy to please the highly confused water sign.

9. Sagittarius

A Sagittarian treats life as an adventure. So as long as their partner supports their interests and gives them something related to it, they are good to go. The best surprise for them will be flight tickets for a destination. Traveling necessities like a rucksack, neck pillow, and a camera to capture memories are amazing alternatives as well. 

10. Capricorn

The most ambitious sign of the zodiac lives to chase one goal after another. They either choose a partner who supports their aspirations or survives without one. A smart alarm clock, an upskilling course of their choice, water bottle to keep them hydrated, or face and eye masks would be suitable gift options for them. Combine it with their favorite flowers.

11. Aquarius

At times, it becomes difficult to ascertain what Aquarians love the most – technology or their partner. Highly creative and a bit eccentric, their love for gadgets is immense. A loving partner who surprises them with the latest gadgets and electronics…? I don’t think they can expect anything more on Valentine’s Day.

12. Pisces

With their head in the clouds, the dreamy Piscean is mystical, creative, and illusional. In this materialistic world, they value emotions. Membership to a meditation class or app, personalized music therapy, calming adult coloring book, crystal necklace, and noise-blocking earbuds set you up to soothe their empathic soul this Valentine’s Day.

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