Yes! Diamonds are Forever

Diamond is a woman’s best friend. It is a jewelry trend that will not only be an epitome of grace and luxury for women but a symbol of power, boldness, and distinctiveness. A perfect assemblance for vivacious, bold and free women who like to live their life on the edge, carrying jewelry as an extension of themselves. Farvi Motiwale Wadhwa speaks to The Leading Diamond Experts on their views of Diamond Jewlery trend.

Riddhi Shah, Head designer for BR Designs, Owner of JEWELSTORIES says that diamonds will now be with Modern Philosophy. She says, “Time has flown and so has a sense of beauty. This trend blossoms the idea of timeless elegance with a touch of contemporary appeal. It is a reminiscence of our roots and diverse culture that is embedded and passed on year after year. Just like natural diamonds which came out of the earth millions of years ago and are going to be for billions more to come. They are proof of our existence, carrying our legacy along with them. This trend focuses on recreation of the past into the current and modern world.” 

Sourav Hanra, Diamond Jewlery Designer at VBJ says Revival of Art Decor is the latest trend. “From the Oscars to the recent awards, high-carat Diamond Jewlery is inspired by time honored classics and vintage pieces. For this age of women who unapologetically align themselves with dressed-up looks inspired from the red carpet, experimenting the modern, contemporary silhouettes developed from a timeless source of inspiration in order to add newness to a collection was key. Keeping to this mindset, this collection taps into the design principles of Art deco, reviving it to showcase sleek rounded corners, strong and clean lines and puts clever use of the spaces in between them, creating a sense of visual movement offering one-of-a-kind jewelry that makes an individualistic statement,” 

He also feels cocktail jewelry will be in vogue, “In relevance to the continuing dressed up styles, the commercial acceptance of over-the-top diamonds lets this collection create an opulent look and feel. Designed for a cocktail vibe, it features marquise, baguette, tapering baguette and round diamonds predominantly. With varying sizes of DEF quality diamonds, there is a wide variety of drop earrings that sports solitaires as well.” 

Designer Deepa Agarwal, Jewlery Designer at Sona Chandi predicts that Bold Geometrical Shapes and Rose Gold will create a buzz, “The combination of Rose Gold and geometrically bold diamonds has been trending and see a long way from now. Millennial women who are bold, confident and ambitious prefer fancy shapes like pear, marquees etc., paired with rose gold plating makes it really classy and subtle. It gives them an elegant yet a chic look.” 

Another trend that she feels is on a rise is the 9-5 Statement Makers, “Millennial women juggle between office and home and amidst this, their jewelry should serve both the purposes. For which light weight simple ring or statement bold studs plays relevant roles in their daily wear. Multi-functional jewelry is definitely a trend that the millennial woman will support this season,” adds Deepa.  

Ashraf Motiwala, Head of Design and Production at A.S. Motiwala recommends French Enamel with Natural White Diamonds “Enamel’s texture is versatile yet soft making it perfect to go with natural diamonds. It adds just the right amount of color to jewelry without overpowering the design. Unlike using gemstones like precious ruby, emerald and sapphires which tend to subdue the design and the diamonds embedded, enamel lends the perfect amount of soft color and goes on to ascent the designs flaunting natural diamonds. That’s why in my opinion, I see many people opting for this jewelry, both for day-to-day as well as occasional wear as it tends to be a differentiator of the consumers’ unique style statement.” 

Kinnari Shah, Jewlery Designer at Reliance Jewels talks about Stackable Jewlery and its sudden fashionable rise, ‘More is more’ is the latest trend this year, stackable rings & bracelets and even layered necklaces are going to be extremely popular this year. Stacking / layering with chic dainty pieces is the current trend. Layering trend allows the wearer to show their personality with charms that speak about their personality.” 

According to her apart from Stackable Jewlery, Floral look jewelry in different settings is trending this year, embedded with baguettes and diamond, florals have been essential part of our traditional jewelry. Currently its popular in the contemporary form traditional essence with modern twist is trending. Going well with pret-wear, Floral designs bring a sense of freshness to any attire. More common with the chic look, they go well with festive attire as well,” quotes Kinnari.  

Subhajit Bag, Jewlery Designer at Senco Gold & Diamonds has a completely different perspective, he says Denim is a pervasive trend, donned by people across all generations. But millennials are the group most influenced by this trend. To compliment the everyday effortlessness created by denims, minimalistic jewelry embedded with natural diamonds is a trend that I see. It’s all in the name, the jewelry goes flawlessly with various denim looks and can be sported by women and men alike. Pocket friendly, cool to carry, this is truly a millennial’s jewelry. 


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