I love to be weird: Sanskruuti Balgude

An ambitious, dedicated and a committed actress, Sanskruuti is a multi talented performer with an experience of years by her side and a strong work ethic including her will to take risks and experiment in various mediums of the art of acting. 

Debuting at the sheer age of 18, through television, she has come a long way with her ability to strive, to stand out with her style and personality and to carry herself graciously on and off camera! A Bharatnatyam performer, an actress, a painter, she is always thrilled and passionate when it comes to any art form. 

Throughout her journey, she has won many accolades including her recent international recognition as “Best Actress” in various festivals held abroad for her unreleased film, “8-2-75!”. Considered as one of the most beautiful and promising actresses in the Marathi fraternity, Sanskruuti has been ruling the audience heart by her utmost passion and work. Sanskruuti has been fortunate to enough to work with renowned and veteran actor, directors. Her drive to always go that extra mile in any project she is involved in, makes her different. Getting an opportunity to work in Hollywood, is her ultimate dream, she says. She believes that kindness, empathy and love is the key to becoming a whole human being and lives by it. Let’s do a quick QnA with her.

Q. So tell me when you first entered the studio, what was your first impression we created for you?

A. I loved the aesthetics of the studio, we were just discussing that it is quite minimalistic which I absolutely loved, and I love all the neutral shades that you have used around the space. Plus, I was very intrigued by all those photos of the actresses, while walking through the corridor. It’s all just so beautiful. It’s pretty!

Q. There are some questions on our mind, on a scale of 1-10, how excited are you about your life right now?

A. I am always excited, but you know I am pretty nervous too. Right now, my excitement would be around 8 because I have really good projects coming up, so when I finally have what I want, my excitement would be 10, or else I’d just be nervous again.

Q. Now if you get to describe yourself using only one hashtag, what would that hashtag be?

A. Umm hashtag weird, I mean weird in a good way. I love to be weird, I’m also very crazy, my friends know of it. And I’m just this way, like this whole interview and glamming up and being pretty always, being beautiful and being the actress that I am, it’s not really my thing. I love to be chilling out and doing crazy stuff. I would have done so many things with people whom I wouldn’t have recognized only in public.

Q. Alright, so what will be the craziest or weirdest thing you’ve done so far?

A. Oh, there are plenty, but one in particular has come to mind. So, in short, it wasn’t what I did. I went to a first-of-its-kind award ceremony, it was held someplace near Lonavala. I was also ecstatic that I got to dress up, look nice, and all that. My heels broke as I was actually on my way to the award ceremony in the hall, and I was so upset!! It felt very wrong that I had to go before even having to see the event! So, odd things tend to happen to me. But everyone knows I’m messy; I bet my mother would’ve liked to hear that. I’m also very careless if it comes to my things.

Q. If you had a chance to perform a romantic scene with anyone, who would you choose?

A. HRITIK ROSHAN! Hritik Roshan has been my love since my school days, since his debut movie and it has stayed this way with me and my girls. Even if my friends were guys, we’ll be sharing same sort of love for Hritik Roshan. they would still have the same sort of attraction towards him. And there are times when we are just chilling together and the projector is on and we’ll just be like guys what to do, then we’ll just play Hritik Roshan songs and go gaga over it. So, Hritik Roshan for sure!

Q. So is there any particular scene from one of his movies that you’d like to recreate?

A. Actually there are two scenes that I’d like to reenact with him. Of course, first one is the scene from DHOOM, but more like the confrontation one which I love, that he has with Aishwarya Rai! It’s a beautiful scene. He has done it so good. And the other one, I’d like to do it more than the first one. It’s from AGNIPATH, where he’s just had a row with his mom, he comes outside & he’s eating, then he starts to break down. There’s Priyanka Chopra next to him, consoling him.

Q. Alright! moving ahead, what is that one thing that people do not know about you? What’s that one thing they can’t even guess that you could do?

A. There was a time that I was able to sing this Spanish song by Selena Gomez that I knew by heart. I think highly of her. As we are the same age, it seems like we grew up together. I don’t know if it was a translation or what, but she had this song titled Dream that came out, so she even released a Spanish version of it! The truth that I could sing a Spanish song was so unbelievable. But I think that many people out of the industry and just a few people who are very close to me know this side of me; I am just overly sensitive, along with crying when I’m sad, I also cry when I’m happy, angry and irritated. I’m just a crybaby so I cry a lot.

Q. What is your morning ritual currently?

A. I have a whole planned skincare routine. I just cannot go without it, I’m very consistent with it. So, there’s skincare, if there’s a shoot, I generally ice my face a lot. Then thirdly, warm water, that’s just like a nonnegotiable. That’s the first thing in the morning that I do. I generally don’t have a habit of having breakfast because sometimes I eat dinner too late, and you know we have this whole intermittent fasting going on. So, I really don’t eat breakfast, it’s generally lunch directly but yeah, this is quite it. And check my phone!

Q. What is your go to bed ritual so you can sleep peacefully?

A. Again, I have a nighttime skin care regime that I do strictly, no matter how tired I am, and it is IMPOSSIBLE if I put makeup on. I always take it off before I get in bed. The next one is that I must have something playing on my iPad as I take off makeup, doing chores, or when I eat. It can be an episode of Friends, Schitt Creeks, or just the show I’m now seeing. Like I’m doing my makeup as I keep my eyes on it. I lie in my bed, tilt my iPad, and keep viewing it even if everyone is asleep and the lights are off. as if it was my ritual. I don’t think there has ever been a day that I did not view anything on my iPad as I doze off. So even if it may seem awful, I guess it’s okay.

Q. If your like was a song, what would be the title?

A. The Climb is a lovely song by Miley Cyrus that she released when she was just a girl. It’s a very inspiring song, and I believe it talks about how there’s so many obstacles you must face which never end. No matter who you become—Mr. Bacchan, Meryl Streep, or even the late Smita Patil—the issues persist. She defines it in a way, as if it was a climb. The key idea is, you must simply keep going forward—up, up, up, and up! There isn’t really, and there ever will be, an endgame. Like you know, we often change where we go. Once you get to a destination, you want to head to a new one. And, you know, life is truly a climb. That is one of my favorite songs, and I feel it may serve as my life’s theme.

Q. What was the worst struggle you had to face in life that made you feel like giving up or what was the biggest obstacle you overcame in your life that you’re proud of?

A. There is no such thing as always overcoming your obstacles. There is nothing to be won. but you can overcome it, you will always face hardships in life. For me, I’m a very sensitive person who is also very emotional. I don’t forget things easily or move on from them quickly. If I’m rejected for a role in a movie or fail to get the job I want, I fret over it for a long time. If I have a fight with someone in this field and we have to see each other for a premiere or anything, I won’t be able to get past it. I won’t be smiling at her and asking, “Hey, how are things going?” That isn’t who I am! So, it will definitely take me time to get past it if you hurt me or did a bad thing with me. In short, I had to let go of my attachment to stuff to grow a little numb to them. I had to, if you will, be a bit strong for things. You know that failure is a part of life, but it isn’t just from a career standpoint. You face lots of setbacks in personal affairs, like not getting the man you want. It is thus a really silly belief to think that if you’re rich, pretty, and famous, you can have anyone you desire. It just isn’t true; it’s just not true. You do not get what you want. There’s a lot of obstacles in life, personal and professional, so you have to find a balance between the two. You can’t let your mind go to very dark areas. It’s fine if it is; you only have to get it back. That is the core issue, as I think it isn’t just me, there are many others who’re as keen or just as driven, yet they face a lot of these sorts of odds. You know, people can’t truly face rejection, but others can. More than success, you must be strong at facing defeat as that is not an easy task to do, as my mom keeps saying.

Q. Who is your celebrity crush? But I think it’s Hritik Roshan so I shouldn’t be asking this question.

A. No yeah it’s Hritik Roshan, but it’s also Hugh Jackman by the way. I love him! But then it’ll be really unfair to Leonardo DiCaprio, there’s so many! But the love I have for Leonardo DiCaprio is completely different than the love I have for Hritik Roshan, it’s love! And Leonardo is more of respect and love. But I think it should be Hritik Roshan and Hugh Jackman.

Q. But if I ask you the iconic question, kill, marry or hookup ? Who would that be?

A. Oh god! Shit.

Q. Okay let’s just say, Date, Marry or hookup?

A. I think I’ll marry Hugh Jackman, because I guess we’ll have a very successful marriage; I’ll date Hritik Roshan because I’m full of time, actually many years; and I’ll hookup with Leo because we clearly, we know why!

Q. Okay, so do you believe in love at first sight?

A. No… I hadn’t had love at first sight. rather, if it applies I did have love at first sight with puppies. Given that it hasn’t come to me, I likely have no faith in love at first sight. I think falling in love is a gradual process requiring effort and growth. You can’t be like, “I’ve had guys, but I won’t be really secretive with it; I’ve rarely trusted a guy so much in the first meet, or even after a year of friendship, although we’re gelling up, even if we’re friends; love is a distinct form of polygamy so don’t try to mix love with that.” Often, people mix attraction and obsession with love. It’s not love; it is something quite opposite. And you begin trusting in it if the person in front of you shows it to you in a way. And most recently I had to experience it, it’s a revelation yet in respects lovely. So, is it love at first sight? It was more like slowly falling in love, proving it, and coming to the belief that even if we don’t get them, love remains there. I doubt even he experienced love at first sight.

Q. What is the most romantic or cute thing someone has done for you. It should not be just a love interest but anyone maybe your fan or family or friends? Anyone something that has touched your heart so much that you will carry it to your grave?

A. There’s so much you can’t buy, & my fans have shown me such amazing love. You just have to feel for it. Everyone has a favorite thing, so if you become the top actor, you will still have a favorite item. So it’s only this inborn emotion you have or the kind of love or affection you need for anyone. But I’ve seen fans cry that just breaks my heart yet melts it dearly for it’s an honor seeing someone cry for someone not because of someone. It is the best form of compliment you may get. I was lucky to receive it, so it is something I have, too. My dad sent a cake from Pune although he didn’t have to as I was filming in Mumbai on my birthday. Well, there are two more. Like the cake, which clearly got a bit distorted by going all the way to Mumbai, but the act really that counts. My dad is a wonderful man! The third, is one of the guys I wasn’t seeing at that point, but was so much in love so he got me into saying I had to talk to my parents. There is a space there which seems like next door. So he asks “Can you just go outside? I have to talk to my parents, then I will come meet you.” Yes, okay, fine, I thought. So I’m sitting outside, thinking he’s talking to his folks the entire time. And he’s like, he comes to me and says, “Close your eyes,” and I’m like, “Oh, come on.” I mean, isn’t this so cliche? Please don’t think I’m a jerk; I’m not. But it was as like arey yaar kya hai! And he said, “Please, please, please do it for me,” and I did. He lit candles to light up the entire room!! And I cried! no-one has ever done this for me. And it was incredible. I still have a picture of it where I’m sitting on bed and the entire room is lit up with candles.

Q. So if someone has to take you on a date, what would be that ideal date which will make you like it, you cannot say no to him ?

A. If he just tells me that you know you want to see this show or see this film, I may come over. And then we can have pizza then and say, “Yeah, you got it!” But it’s how it is, as I’m an introverted person. I’m not a big fan of going out. So socializing is just out of my comfort zone. It’s hard to believe at times, given my profession, yet it’s hard. So if I’ve time off, I prefer to be at home and watch good films and eat good food. But above all, have fun. So, if he asks me out on a date, or if he wants to ask me out on a date, just say let’s go to a movie and maybe get to know him better.

Q. Would you rather win a lottery or find true love in your life? Choose one.

A. Surely find true love. I can earn as much money as any big prize is about. But finding true love now is very hard. And it’s very rare. True love to bhai mujhe chahiye, I want true love forever. Like I think I am someone who thrives on love. I thrive on those who love me, it may be my parents, my friends, or the partner I pick. If they don’t love me, although you sense it, see when it involves your parents, it is never going to be this way. They will always love you despite how much you mess up or screw up. So that’s the way to go. But friends too change in life. Some leave but others have to come back. So there’s a lot more also. Others get toxic for you and you let them go, even if you’d known them for years. As such, it’s ever changing. And all while I didn’t have a set of friends, right? I’ve always been this one-on-one kind. I have chemistry with a few of my best friends that’s just one on one. But it just doesn’t work for me in a group setting. So that keeps changing. But if you get this feeling that the one who you’re with and spending time with doesn’t care for you or lacks that type of affection or respect for you. It disturbs me, and I catch it quickly. I’m a very intuitive person, so I just have a sense something isn’t right. I can feel it in a chat too. I surely overthink things, but it’s like I keep telling friends, “Wait, you can’t see the okay didn’t feel okay today.” What is it? so, I think it is crucial to me. Love is very important to me. So, if I pick a partner, I need to know that he loves me more than I love him.

Q. But last question just for you know, upcoming actresses and actors. What would you suggest to them, any guidance? Anything you want to tell them?

A.I think anyone at this age is clever enough to pick and make their own choices. But there’s lots of trends going on lately, like the whole # actress, # actor deal. I’m going to tell others what you really wish to become. If you really wish to do this, in the field of acting, don’t take it lightly. For it isn’t as simple as dubbing a dialogue that’s already said by the specific actor or actress. It is not as easy as enacting it in a smartphone or a costly camera and doing it as they have said. There’s many more actors who give up everything for this job. And there are many more. So I just want young people or those who aren’t even kids, but whoever wants to contribute to this subject to take it seriously since it is, after all, only a study. It’s not a thing where you get up one day and become an actor or actress. There’s lots of work needed. It needs quite a lot of time. And whilst sitting in a theater and thinking, kya acting kari hai yar, or he’s such a great actor. See, for example, Mr. Nawazuddin or even Mr. Ranbir Kapoor. It’s not as if they woke up one day and said “Oh yeah, I’m going to be an actor today.” I’m sure they’ve put in a lot of effort, and they likely still are. Everyone has to do this in one field; there is no one victory. You have to persist to thrive and grow, but also struggle and strive. And, like I said, hurdles differ year to year, if not from every day. Once you’re famous. That is not to say the obstacles end; they don’t do, or they may even worsen. Please take it seriously. Please be extremely driven. Please be diligent. That’s all that is to it; only that counts. Nothing, not even your looks.

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