The Charm of a Monsoon Wedding

Monsoon Wedding Trends

There’s something magical about the rain, it makes everything feel more intimate and endearing. While challenging, planning and executing a monsoon wedding can make for the most ethereal wedding.  Incessant rain may take over the skies, but that shouldn’t make you postpone your eventful day. Rain on your wedding is considered good luck according to multiple traditions. It indicates unity which comes from the reference- a wet knot is harder to unravel than a dry one. So, if there is a heavy downpour when ‘tying the knot’, fret not! You’re creating a much stronger bond. This season many couples cleansed their worries and had their picture-perfect wedding. Here are some of the best trends we saw this monsoon season!

1) Decorate your indoor venue with water-vessel Hydrangeas.
These light blue flowers bloom in the presence of moisture which makes them ideal for a monsoon wedding. They have a sort of soft look to them, appealing to one’s eyes. Take it one step further and make your bridal bouquet out of these beautiful flowers. Different coloured hydrangeas symbolise different meanings as well—blue for gratitude, white for purity, pink for romance and purple for royalty. Be a little unconventional and fill your venue with vibrant hydrangeas rather than common lilies, roses and marigolds.

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2) Choose clear top tents for your outdoor venue.
Who says you can’t have an outdoor venue during the rainy season? Set up a clear top tent and watch mesmerising raindrops trickle down from the top. When the rain clears up, you might get a chance to see a beautiful rainbow! This kind of setup adds a natural view to your wedding and your guests will always have something to “look up to”.

3) Umbrellas and Parasols all the way!
Personalised weddings are the trend of 2022 with couples adding their own unique styles. From fairytale lighting to customised guest cards, 2022 is all about taking a non-traditional path to add something special to your wedding. This monsoon season consider making umbrellas the statement piece of your wedding! From a patio to bubble to paper umbrellas, line your venue with umbrella decor. You could also include parasols, considered a sign of beauty in the Victorian Era, as motif decor. The final icing on the cake-enter the hall with your significant other under an umbrella.

4) Pretty pashminas and thoughtful throws.
Isn’t it getting chilly? Hand out cosy throws or pashminas for guests to snuggle up in the rain. Sure, it is your special day but aims to create an enjoyable environment for everyone. A little consideration goes a long way and you’ll be seen as the ‘thoughtful bride’ who cared for her guests the most. You’ll create a warm and intimate atmosphere for your wedding.

5) Get funky with your outfit.
An extravagant lehenga is wonderful no doubt however, light lehengas are equally as stunning. Jazz up your Indian attire with some western elements like boots or coats, and you’ll have people looking at you with awe and astonishment. Be bold, be wild, and be free. It’s your wedding so wear whatever you want. Fashion trends come and go so, wear that one item of clothing that defines you.

6) Cool monsoon air and hot tea make the perfect pair, just like the bride and groom!
Don’t you want to just cuddle up and have a hot cup of chai when it’s raining? Imagine sitting on your balcony or veranda, looking at the weather and enjoying tea and biscuits. Doesn’t that sound like a peaceful evening? If you want to achieve that at your wedding, include comfort foods like Maggi, pakoras, tea, hot chocolate etc. Cold weather + hot foods = ultimate combo.

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7) Have movie-like photos in the rain
Often at times, the whole process of wedding photography is laborious and tedious. You also take on extra pressure to have the best picture-perfect pictures without really feeling the essence of the moment. Let loose, wear waterproof makeup and go out in the rain. You’ll have the most fun candids without worrying about a “perfect picture.” Also, is there anything more romantic than a couple-in-the-rain picture?

8) Embrace the rainy weather and dance like never before.
Every one of us has danced in the rain as a child and fallen sick with our moms then saying, ‘I told you so’. But this is your wedding so go wild and dance like never before. This is your moment to show off those swag dance moves and what’s better? The whole event is literally a rain dance. 100% it will be one of your best memories ever.

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