The Most Popular Destinations for Proposals- Countries That Topped The List!

Join us on a journey to the most captivating destinations where love takes center stage, where every “yes” is a piece of magic, and where Remitly’s data reveals the secrets of these enchanting love stories.

Paris, France: In the City of Love, where every street whispers tales of amour, the Eiffel Tower stands sentinel over countless heartwarming stories. Remitly’s enchanting data reveals a staggering 49.7k successful proposals, with couples surrendering to ‘yes’ amidst the timeless beauty of quintessential Parisian backdrops.

Las Vegas, USA: The glittering jewel in the Nevada desert, often nicknamed ‘Sin City,’ secures second place on our global proposal stage. With 18.7k jubilant ‘yes’ responses, Las Vegas is not only a tourist hot spot but also a renowned haven for proposals.

Rome, Italy: The eternal city, where history echoes through every cobblestone, lures millions of souls with its cultural treasures. Rome has witnessed over 29 million Instagram posts under #Rome, making it a popular proposal paradise. Surprisingly, more than one in 400 of these posts carry the ring and ‘I do.’

New York, USA: The grandeur of New York City, with its iconic locations like Central Park, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, and the Empire State Building, provides a stunning canvas for couples. Whether it’s a rooftop dinner, a moonlit stroll along the High Line, or a boat ride in Central Park, the city offers diverse settings for every love story.

Santorini, Greece: The island of Santorini, blessed with multicolored cliffs and whitewashed buildings against the azure Aegean Sea, has earned its place as the fourth most popular proposal destination. With its breathtaking sunsets and volcanic-sand beaches, Santorini has witnessed love stories too numerous to count. Our data reveals that more than one in 200 Instagram posts from Santorini is a heartfelt proposal.

From the picturesque streets of Florence to the lively squares of Madrid, and from the magnificent vistas of the Grand Canyon to the pristine beauty of Yosemite, these destinations promise to etch unforgettable moments into the stories of couples ready to take the leap.

    Europe reigns supreme as the top continent for #engaged posts on Instagram, eclipsing all others with its romantic charm. North America is a close second, boasting five of the top 20 proposal destinations. Among them, Yosemite, California, stands out, with over one in 126 posts featuring a cherished proposal.

    Asia, the world’s most populous continent, takes third place and boasts Bali, known as the ‘Island of the Gods.’ With its breathtaking beauty, it’s no wonder that over 5,020 couples have shared images of their engagement in this paradise.

    A spokesperson for Remitly, a company dedicated to connecting people and cultures through international money transfers, shared their thoughts, saying, “As fervent advocates of celebrating love and creating unforgettable memories, we hope this campaign sparks inspiration and encourages couples to express their love in these breathtaking destinations.” Let the love stories unfold.

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