Trending Wedding Styles to Consider for your Big Day

Wedding Styles

India is known for its rich culture and tradition. When it comes to weddings, we do it best! From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Gujrat to Arunachal every single state has its own wedding customs and rituals. While accommodating those traditions, couples also have a wide array of wedding styles to choose from. Here are some trending wedding styles.

Traditional Weddings

A traditional wedding emphasises the couple’s background and combines culture and a festive atmosphere to usher in a new marriage. It integrates customs from the couple’s respective religions and traditions. Couples planning the ideal traditional wedding want to produce something that showcases their distinct cultures while also depicting the coming together of two individuals on one of the most momentous days of their life. Conferring with family to ensure that all of the customary rituals that occur in their specific culture are included is an essential step taken by couples. Traditional weddings usually have 3 main aspects, engagement, wedding and reception which will incorporate all the cultural and religious practices.

Destination Weddings

A destination wedding is both a wedding and a getaway. It’s the perfect chance for couples who enjoy travelling to strengthen their bond while exploring a new area together and generating long-lasting memories with family and friends. Having those who are most important to you attend your wedding makes the wedding that much more intimate.
Destination weddings need not be only abroad, India too has many beautiful and scenic locations for an exquisite ceremony. Planning a destination wedding takes extra time and effort and is usually best left to a wedding planner. 

Micro Weddings 
Small and tiny, Micro Weddings are a modest gathering of about 50-100 people. A micro wedding encompasses everything that a traditional Indian wedding does. Most elements of a bigger traditional wedding may be included in a micro wedding. They still include customs and traditions of a traditional wedding, though on a much smaller scale. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, many couples have opted to have Micro Weddings over the past two years. This trend is only growing. Numerous couples believe that having a micro wedding allows them to experience the genuine meaning of the day by marrying the person they are truly in love with and starting their marriage together. A Micro Wedding allows the couple to be surrounded by the people they care about while also allowing them to enjoy each other during their special day. Cutting down on the guest lists also gives the couple a chance to spend their money on other things that help make their wedding much more memorable.

Sustainable Weddings
More than ever before, people are talking about sustainability. Many couples are opting for a more environmentally friendly, sustainable wedding. Couples who are aware of the waste generated by the wedding industry and its impact on the environment have been urged to plan Sustainable Weddings. Small measures are now being made to create weddings more environmentally friendly, from wedding attire to flowers, décor, and even cuisine. Anyone may include sustainability into their wedding by doing something as simple as using reusable décor, local flowers, or potted plants, or going fully plastic-free.

Home Weddings

There are numerous advantages to holding a wedding at your own house, including a sense of familiarity, obvious charm, and unique sentiment, all of which contribute to a unique and memorable day. Home weddings grew in popularity as a result of the pandemic.
Hosting your wedding at a location that holds personal value for the couple—whether it’s their shared home, the childhood home of one of them, or the magnificent property of a family member or friend—makes for a unique event. If a couple decides to hold their wedding at home, they don’t have to forego the luxury or grandeur that comes with organising an event at a large, extravagant location. On the contrary, it is a time to be creative and organise a meaningful celebration with purposeful elements, from the décor and entertainment to the attire of the couple and guests as well as the style of the wedding.

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