And she said, YES!

Yash Vardhan Swami, widely known as YVS, is a highly accomplished fitness entrepreneur, transformation coach, and qualified professional with a diverse range of qualifications in multiple fields. He met his lady love Akanksha 8 years back at his sister’s wedding very randomly via common friends. Then they met again, soon and never looked back. “She redefined love for me. When we got into the relationship, I thought I had an idea of what love was and now, in years, especially in the last couple of years, what I have felt, it’s much deeper, intense and lasting in nature. Now, that’s the definition of love for me. The thing that attracted me the most was, she being herself (which is rare) and real at all times,” says Yash. Who recently planned a proposal for Akanksha. Here’s all deets about the proposal and much more.

Had you planned the proposal since long or was it a recent thought of following the trend?

So, couple of years back, I told her that I want to do the proposal in Cappadocia, but somehow, she found it funny and made fun of it because at that time, things were uncertain, there were a lot of unresolved issues and quite frankly, the relationship was bleeding. In the last couple of years, we built it up again by giving our heart and soul, bit by bit and now, here we are!

You guys know each other since quite long, how has this journey been?
The journey’s been extraordinary esp considering huge ups and downs during our growth process. We are documenting everything, frameworks and our lessons in our podcast on relationship: Impossible Love, where we make love possible.

What is your take on this increasing trend of Grand Proposal Planning?
There’s no right or wrong way of proposing to your partner. It’s not about ‘How it is done’, it’s more about ‘Why it is done’. It just has be special. That doesn’t mean one has to travel abroad or spend lakhs for the same. It just has to be true to you and special for your partner. I personally am not a proposal type of guy, but that doesn’t mean I would take away that one of a lifetime thing from my partner. So, I went for it all in and to be honest, it was a lot of fun and got memories for a lifetime.

A quick note for guys: Women love such cliche stuff. 

How did you plan the proposal for your special one?

To be frank, everything was planned at the last moment. Visa got sorted two days before the trip, flights on the last day. Wanted to finalise these dates, as it was Akanksha’s birthday in the same week.
But in the end, it all panned out well and special for both of us.

What is your take on the impact of social media on young relationships?
Social media is a highlight of our life, where we show the best part ‘only’ and that doesn’t mean everything is sunshine and rainbows. There was a time in our relationship, when it was bleeding but on social media it was all good and sharing couple goals pictures. It’s great to share our learnings and journey and the highs of the relationship. But that doesn’t mean there were no lows! I just like telling everyone, everyone goes through ups and downs and most downs are not seen on social media.

So, keep in mind that what looks perfect on social media, is often not perfect. Nothing is to be honest, but doesn’t mean we share our highs on social media.

If that’s your jam, go do it! 🙂 

When do we hear the wedding bells?

Dates are not finalised yet, but first quarter of 2024 is what we are aiming at.

A message for Akanksha via Wedding Vows.
So, Akanksha doesn’t like social media or media that much, and I built my career around this (@trainedbyyvs and @fitnessbuisnessacceelerator) but still she has started enjoying all this (because of me). I just appreciate the fact that she is finding a middle ground by finding joys in things I like. I promise to do the same for her. As we say, relationships are not built-in heaven, they are built on earth, brick by brick, moment by moment.

It’s never about your way or my way,

It’s always OUR WAY. #TeamWORKI just feel so special and lucky talking about this, Aku.

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Wedding Vows
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