KARIKALAN VIRUNTHU by America Natesan at Feather Hotels Chennai – An ode to Tamizh Cuisine

If you love Tamizh cuisine, this one is surely for you. Tamizh cuisine is renowned for its aromatic, flavorful, and spicy dishes, offering both delicious and nutritious options. The Executive Chef of Feathers Hotels Prem Kumar Naidu, in collaboration with America Natesan, invites you to savour the bold flavours and aromatic spices of Tamil cuisine at Sangamithirai, where each bite carries a rich tradition and taste. Prepare your taste buds for a culinary journey featuring an array of delectable dishes!

Here’s a sneak peek into the menu!

The Veg Extravaganza

Let’s start our culinary adventure with vegetarian offerings, each prepared with meticulous care and an infusion of authentic flavours. The menu boasts an impressive lineup:

  • Karuvepillai Soup: A fragrant curry leaf soup that awakens your taste buds.
  • Thavalai Vada: Crispy fried lentil patties that make for a perfect snack.
  • Pineapple Pachadi: A sweet and tangy pineapple side dish that tantalizes the palate.
  • Saiva Meen Ketti Kulambu: A delectable vegetarian rendition of fish curry that captures the essence of coastal flavours.
  • Vazhkai Podi Mass: A spicy and flavorful vegetable curry that celebrates the essence of Tamizh cuisine.
  • Thulasi Rasam: A soothing and aromatic soup infused with the essence of holy basil.
  • Kuchi Idly: Soft and fluffy mini idlis, perfect to soak up those flavorful gravies.
  • Veechu Parotta: Flaky, layered parottas that complement the rich curries splendidly.

The Non-Veg Delights

For meat lovers, the Karikalan Virunthu offers a plethora of mouthwatering options:

  • Erel Mangai Soup: A tantalizing mango and chicken soup that’s a burst of flavours.
  • Nedungudi Mutton Chukka: A spicy mutton dish that showcases the culinary prowess of America Natesan.
  • Mutton Kaipidi Chops: Succulent mutton chops cooked to perfection.
  • Nattukozhi Thodai Pirattal: A traditional chicken dish with a contemporary twist.
  • Kaadai Pepper Gravy: Quail cooked in a peppery, spicy gravy that’s a true delight.
  • Eraal Biryani: A fragrant and flavorful shrimp biryani that’s a must-try.
  • Muyal Kari Gravy: Rabbit curry that’s rich in taste and tradition.

Sweet Endings

No feast is complete without a sweet note, and Karikalan Virunthu doesn’t disappoint:

  • Palasolai Payasam: A creamy rice pudding that’s sheer indulgence.
  • Thinnai Payasam: A millet-based payasam that’s both healthy and delicious.
  • Pal Poli: Sweet stuffed bread that’s a delightful treat.
  • Thumb Fruit Halwa: A unique halwa made from thumb-sized fruits that’s simply divine.

Event Details

  • Date: 20th – 30th September
  • Time: Dinner, 7 P.M to 11 P.M
  • Venue: Sangamithirai, Feathers, A Radha Hotel
  • Price: Ala Carte

To make a reservation or learn more about this exceptional culinary experience, call them at 73580 18812.

America Natesan: A Culinary Maestro

America Natesan, hailing from the picturesque village of Nedungudi near Chettinad, is a culinary legend. With a career spanning decades, Natesan has earned his sobriquet due to his extraordinary culinary talents, which have graced weddings and festivities both in India and abroad. His expertise isn’t limited to community cooking; he has served prime ministers, presidents, and renowned political leaders, including the late Rajiv Gandhi and G.K. Moopanar.

Natesan’s influence extends beyond the kitchen. He has trained numerous chefs who have gone on to become masters in their own right. Natesan’s remarkable ability to build lasting relationships with his clients is a testament to his remarkable people skills. Even at the age of 90, he continues to actively participate in his son’s and grandsons’ cooking endeavours, remembering the names and villages of clients spanning four generations. At weddings, he often outshines the bride and groom, as he knows more about the guests than the young couple themselves!

In conclusion, Karikalan Virunthu is not just a culinary event; it’s an opportunity to savour the legacy and expertise of America Natesan, an icon in the world of Tamizh cuisine. Join us for this unforgettable feast that celebrates tradition, flavour, and the enduring spirit of Tamil Nadu’s culinary heritage.

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